Monday, February 14, 2011

one of the most heartbreaking posts I've read

Last week while doing a little blog reading catch up, I read the saddest and most heartbreaking post on my friend Julia's blog, Just One WIP.
It's about a precious little girl in New Zealand and the desperate situation that faces her and her family. Little Hope had battled and beaten cancer, only to have it return in a more aggressive form. Julia was taking donations for a raffle to raise funds to help little Hope and her family.

Julia is part of a New Zealand Cloth Nappy forum. I know quite a few of the other girls from there through knitting, and just like Julia, they're all lovely, supportive and very caring ladies. And just like any family, the girls from the forum are throwing their support behind Hope and her family, offering what help they can.

If you visit Julia's blog post here you'll find a list of other raffles/auctions that you too can donate to to help out.

I also wanted to just mention a special one being run by one of my favourite test knitters, and a wonderful licence holder of mine, Krissie, over at Knit Not What. Krissie has joined up with Hannah from Red Ridinghood Yarns and is offering a custom knit Fratello or Sorello in yarn hand dyed in your colour choice.

Pop on over to Krissie's blog. to enter!

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