Sunday, February 20, 2011

more of the glut

Beetroot is one of those vegetables that I'm always at a bit of a loss as to what to do with; we roast them and also have a lovely beetroot risotto but apart from that I draw a bit of a zippity blank when it comes to beetroot ideas. But then a certain sister of mine introduced me to beetroot relish, of the store bought variety. So this week, when peering at all the beetroot in our fridge I decided to give the relish a go.

This was what remained after our dinner and this is how I made it.

Beetroot Relish

1/2 a medium onion, chopped
1 medium beetroot, peeled and grated
2tbs White Wine Vinegar (you could use Red Wine Vinegar or possible any other variety of that type of vinegar)
1/4 cup sugar
4 cloves (you could use a different herb flavour, I think I may also try fennel as I love beetroot and fennel together)
2tbs water

In a small saucepan (I just used a milk saucepan) combine all ingredients, cover and bring to a low simmer. Remove the lid and simmer for 25 minutes, or until fragrant and tender.... allow to cool and serve.

To grate the beetroot, I used a little kitchen gadget I've had forever. I think one of my sisters gave it to me for my birthday at least 10 years ago. It's a little electric thing that only grates and slices. It makes the grating vegetable job soooo easy. So if you've got some flash little (or even big) gadget that does that, I'd suggest use it. Does a Thermomix grate?

So there you go, beetroot relish! Oh so very yummy, and I'll be making this regularly. We had it with chicken, but I also like it in sandwiches and focacias!!

I also decided to try and make some cooked beetroot, to replace tinned beetroot. After all, it's pretty silly eating tinned beetroot when there's fresh in the fridge. I used a recipe Mum gave me from the CWA cookbook.

And some more of the peaches found a new life this weekend as they transformed into peach and berry smoothies. We also cooked up some peaches in a light syrup and made peach and orange sorbet which Lily is looking forward to for dessert tonight!

Tomorrow it's back to the zucchinis and peaches again.
What do you do with all your zucchinis, peaches and beetroot?
I'd love some ideas, preferably vegetarian.

There has been a bit of knitting going on too; this is a little jersey for Toby. I'm adopting the New Zealand term as it is a test knit for a New Zealand designer. I'm pretty stoked with how it's turning out!!! It's knit from Jo Sharp yarn. I love the way the blue specks in the green match the blue in the stranded work.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Beetroot doesn't last long in out house- beetroot dip is a favourite of ours.
    Zucchinis get grated into most meals if we have them (spaghetti bolognaise, burrito mince, stir fries...) but I've always wanted to try chocolate zucchini cake/brownies!
    And peaches .... Peach jam?

  2. OMG!! I was going to knit for H in esactly the same JS tweed! How freaky. And I also made pickeld beetroot this morning with the garden bounty. We planted white and orange beets this year, makes the pickled stuff seem very off, but totally yum.
    Zucchinis this week went into frittata, meatloaf, omelette and very nearly chocolate brownie :)

  3. Oh that wool combo is divine. We don't grow anything but tomatoes and have started getting some espaliered fruit but we didn't get to harvest the fruit mainly thanks to a fruit-grabbin' Staffordshire!

  4. For a moment there I thought you'd been making beetroot smoothies...! I've done a beetroot salsa/relish type thing which involves boiled beetroots wizzed in a food processor with parsley, capers, red wine vinegar, olive oil & salt & pepper until it's fairly finely chopped but not a paste. Delicious with a bbq or use it like a dip?

  5. speak of the devil. i just made pickled beetroot with orange and rosemary today because of the same glut. my recipe is cook the beetroot whole for 30 mins, take out, peel when cooled (skin falls off). Then slice them about 3 mm thick. Put 2 cups of vinegar (white or malt) and 1/2 cup castor sugar in a pan and bring to the boil and make sure all the sugar is dissolved. Then you layer the beetroot with orange zest and rosemary sprigs in the jar and fill with the hot vinegar mix and you can use it about an hour later and it keeps for ages in the fridge. It's SO delicious.

  6. Chocolate beetroot cake! Sounds odd but it's delicious - the beetroot needs to be VERY finely grated/pureed, though.

  7. Here's a link to an absolutely delicious beetroot salad recipe. It is also yummy without the dressing:,-Recipes-by-Angela-Re.aspx

  8. I roll this salad out whenever my vegetarian niece comes for lunch. Roast or boil the beetroot whole, then peel and chop into cubes. Marinate some cubed feta in chopped mint, chopped parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and pepper and loads of olive oil. Toss the feta and its dressing with the beetroot and serve. Yum!


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