Sunday, February 27, 2011

And it was called 'Yellow'

I think if there was to be a favourite garment that I have knit for Lily; this would be it.

It's my favourite pattern and it's in my favourite colour. A perfect perfect sunshine yellow.

This one has taken quite some time, it has been a labour of love that was not all that laborious. The difference with this knit as opposed to everything else I normally knit, was that this was just a knit for fun. A knit to savior and enjoy and take my time with. I don't get to do that with my knitting very often. i picked it up and put it down and knit it only when I felt like.

I started it way back in September, and when it was finished finally, it took me a whole month before I even weaved the ends in. Then it took another two weeks before I got around to sewing on buttons and blocking it.

I love this cardigan, I so very muchly do! And I am so proud that it is my design!!

Technical Details
Pattern: Olearia by me ;)
Yarn: Biggan Design First Cross Merino DK
Needles: Knitpicks 4mm and 3.25mm and Addi Turbo 30cm 4mm and 3.25mm
Yardage: just shy of 6 balls, 680.8 yards
Mods: An unintentional one that I did not notice until I was finished! I missed a garter bump at the bottom of the bodice, how embarrassment!! I stuffed up my own pattern.
Knit the size 2 pattern but knit the length to size 6 and sleeves to custom fit.

A quick yarn review
This is the first time I have knit with the Biggan Design yarn. The colours are gorgeous and bright. It is so hard to get a good commercial yellow, and this one is perfect. Trust me, I look all the time!! It was a lovely yarn to knit with, slid off the needles easily and did not tangle or catch. Most importantly in terms of being a superwash yarn, it is easy to wash and wear. While characteristically of a superwash, it did go all floppy while blocking, it didn't suffer the growing that is so common to many superwash yarns. It looks like it will wear very well and pill minimally.

This yarn doesn't have the softness of my favourite yarn, WOOLganics, but I think it's probably one of the best superwash yarns around.

Available from Tangled Yarns

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  1. It is beautiful. A very happy cardigan.

  2. sigh, gorgeously perfectly perfect!

  3. It is simply gorgeous and I adore the yellow!

  4. I LOVE your Olearia. As a relatively new "serious" knitter (scarves only previously) this was the second pattern I've ever bought (your Milo being the first) - this is just gorgeous.

  5. I love it! I wish I had a girl to make it for. I'm also glad to see more merino DK, as I ran out of mine, and wasn't sure where to find more.

  6. Hi
    This is just amazing- I am knitting an olearia at the moment for my almost six year old and now so want to do a yellow for my three year old. She loves yellow. Your designs are truly beautiful and have totally inspired me to knit. I get so many comments on the sorella that I had so much fun doing as part of the mystery knit- thank you.
    Can you recommend a simple men's jersey pattern - anything in the round would be cool guess you would need long needles. I am embarrassed to say I started knitting a jersey for my husband before we were married (just had our ten year anniversary) and it remains unfinished. He gives me grief about it often. I do not think I am so keen on the pattern now but still love the wool it is DK and a lovely smokey navy. Any suggests have you made anything for Andy

  7. I love your Milo pattern! Just finished the fourth vest! Thank you!

  8. Janey, I'm embarrassed to admit I've never knit Andy a jumper in the round! eek!
    I've knit him two or three jumpers flat pre-kids but you know, they take so long to knit!!!!
    I have taken his measurements and do really hope to plan to knit him one this year, or at least start one!

    Rav brings up these options for mens, dk weight and seamless


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