Thursday, July 29, 2010

creative space

rather late in the day, but nevertheless here I am, joining in...

It has been a busy day here with, I must confess, not much creating going on. I finally sat down a little while ago with a hot chai and some knitting, but alas Toby came to climb up on me with a rather unmistakable aroma. *sigh*

I have, however, managed to get dinner organised early, which is pretty amazing given my slackness if late. Gently bubbling away in the slow cover is sundried tomato and chicken pilaf. Smells delicious and is one incredibly easy and quick slow cooker meals. Let's hope the fussy five year old likes it. I just need to steam some green beans and carrots to serve.

So in my afternoon leisure I'm planning a bit more knitting, small boy permitting. I'm desperately knitting to get my second test knit of cassia done. I'm using WOOLganics kundalini for this one, and it is seriously divine!! It's looking a little like this:

Hopefully the dress will be pretty close to finished this evening, then just the pockets and the most perfect buttons for it are yet to be added.

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  1. the links are up for the whole week so plenty of time to go visiting :)

    your cassia looks beautiful!

  2. sublime.
    Hmm, I manage dinner, just find it hard to fit in the really good stuff!

  3. Your dinner sounds so yummy. The knitted dress is just gorgeous, love it!

  4. That's so beautiful Georgie!

  5. loe it - looking forward to getting it on the needles for you - yarn HAS been chosen:)

  6. It's looking so beautiful. I can't wait for it to come out so I can buy the pattern.

  7. Hi Georgie,
    Amy from here. I just want to say I'm working on Oriental Lily and I love how it's turning out. A friend knit it and I loved it and asked her where she got the pattern, so here I am. :) I'm here to grab the link to share, and now I see this new sweater you're working on and it too is REALLY CUTE!

  8. Gosh I love this dress - I have an Oleria cardigan pattern which I'm hoping to start as soon as I buy the right needles - this is just stunning!


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