Thursday, August 12, 2010

creative space

because it's simply not true that I don't sew anymore, here are some WIP photos....

Jasmine is sporting an almost complete mini kyoto .  Almost complete. as I have a couple of steps to go:
1. Bind the hem with the same bias binding as sleeves and bodice.
2. Finish back opening with velcro.

So for those who've wondered, if the mod kid patterns fit the Australian girl doll, yes, they certainly do!

The lack of bias binding is also responsible for this:

the unfinished matching version for the doll's owner, Lily.
(they're constructed slightly differently which meant I could add the skirt to Jasmine's dress but not Lily's...

must buy more bias binding

more creative spaces over at kootoyoo


  1. Ah bias binding... the bain of my life! I really must learn how to attach it properly, a 'no tears' version if you will. The tonnes & tonnes of it needed put me off this pattern entirely, but that dolly is looking pretty damn stylish!

  2. Good to see that you are still sewing. Both dresses look beautiful.

  3. sweet dress for Jasmine. I really must get around to sewing it for T.

  4. fab that you are sewing match sets!!


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