Tuesday, July 27, 2010


a couple of posts ago, which was really quite some time ago, I had a couple of photos of some prototypes in the works. Both are finished, with one pattern written and off to the testers in a week's time. The other is partially written as a pattern.

today I thought I might share some photos of the one that I'm about to start testing.  I just need to finish knitting the dress version of this, which I'm knitting in WOOLganics kundalini, an awesome purpley colour! yummo.  WOOLganics is the BEST yarn ever!!!

anyhoo, this is the first one knit in Heirloom Bliss.
Lovely soft yarn and gorgeous colour but I do not like it very much at all. To be honest, it is very splitty which doesn't really lend itself to being a great yarn for knitting in the round. Hellish to join with. I would only knit this yarn flat where you join at the start or end of a round.

I love the little button details on this, it really only needs two buttons, but the third gives it a balance I think.  You know, like one of the rules of flower arranging (bizarre I even know that!) odd numbers always work best if there's just a few.

I think this is probably one of my easiest patterns to knit, it looks quite difficult but believe me it is deceptively simple!!  

if you're on Ravelry you can find more pictures and details here .

Pattern should be ready for release sometime in September.

oh, and if you frequent that facebook place I've avoided for sooo very long, pop over to my new page  and say hello!


  1. Ooh a Lesley knit lol!! Gorgeous as always Tikki :)

  2. Divine! I really love it so much.
    If you ever need a real beginner as a tester, you know where to find me.

  3. Oh soo lovely!
    Another beautiful knit Tikki.

  4. Oh its gorgeous :) You are awesome!

  5. Such a lovely clever dress! Dare I hope there will be a doll version in the upcoming book?? I'm very much looking forward to your doll sized versions!

  6. Beautiful!! Looking forward to September! I would also love the doll size version!

  7. Such a lovely dress! Can't wait till the pattern is available to knit for one of my nieces...only have boys unfortunately!


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