Thursday, July 22, 2010


it seems so long since I posted I don't know where to start.  hmm, how about I share some kiddie photos, and then think about catching up on some crafting stuff. is that ok?  cool. or even better the kiddies with some crafty goodness, just not mine.

so.. the story goes, we went to visit the pint household for a long long weekend, always an absolute ball. I love how much the kiddies get along, it is so delightful to see the little cousins throw their arms around each other and tell each other they love them.  The cuddles. The kisses. The giggles. And then the little ones.  Cute cute moment, with the two little toddlers snuggled up to each other on the kiddie couch reading books. nawwww.

As well as a beautiful time and some special memories, my kiddies came away with a new pint product.  *eek* How lucky are they!!! If you've been reading Megsie's blog, you'll see she's expanding her range,and while we didn't manage to score an alien (yet) or a babushka (yet) the kiddies did get an awesome brooch each. We love love love brooches here, and brooches for kiddies are extra cool.  I actually think I might nick Toby's to wear.

Lily's has been worn constantly and is also uber cute cute cute!!!

and I love this photo of them checking each others' brooches out!!


  1. oh those badges are gorgeous!!! what is your friends blog address?

  2. nawww how cute are they tik!!!!!

  3. I was just about to poke you Tik :) So cute, love the brooches and your gorgeous kidlets :)

  4. Thanks Hannah :)

    Oh I'm bad, I forgot to link!!!

    Megsie's blog is

    She'll be opening a madeit store next week, and some of her gorgeous wares will be there.

  5. They are super cute!
    I am a bit excited, I just downloaded your Eden pattern and I love it! I am dreaming up all the different yarns and colours I am going to knit it in.
    Thanks for the great pattern.


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