Thursday, November 12, 2009

what do you get a one year old boy for his birthday?

a little red wagon of course!

And yes, he loves it.   And took it for a good test run today, complete with his teddy in it. We also bought Toby a teddy bear, as Lily pointed out to us that Toby didn't actually have a teddy bear. This was quite disconcerting for her as she has Gwyneth and Andy and I both still have our childhood teddies. How could Toby not have a teddy bear? So now he does. He has this gorgeous fluffy bright yellow bear whom Lily has dubbed Morris.. original, yes indeedy.

It's hard not to feel quite sentimental about your little one's first birthday. I've found myself thinking all day about what I was doing 12 months ago at that moment. Toby was born just before midday on November 12 2008 so a good part of the waking day I was in labour. The rest I think I spent glowing and staring at that gorgeous little bundle.  Even now, at this late hour of the night I am still thinking about it, I know I would have had him tucked under the crook of my arm either feeding or asleep and I would have been still studying him in awe.

He is a sweet little boy, yes he is definitely a boy now with such a strong and funny little personality.  It's hard not to wax lyrical about what a wonderful year we had with him as a baby, but it's so true.  We really have been blessed, and it's all thanks to the chocolate. Oh yes indeed, the chocolate I consumed in pregnancy certainly paid off and delivered us another calm bubba. 

And just to make you clucky, and because it really does blow me away that this tiny little bubba below has grown into that little boy above in a such short space of time; here's Tobias 12 months ago.

Happy Birthday my darling boy.


  1. oh tikki he is just so beautiful! And such a little boy now. Happy birthday to the little man, and have some choccie and enjoy the memories and the joy of many many many more to come.

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  3. Wow - I can't believe it's been a year since you introduced your new little man to us!
    I'm sure both Toby & Morris are set for loads of exciting adventures in the wagon - great pressie!

  4. nawwww...he's just adorable! It's incredible how quickly the time has gone :O

  5. Happy Birthday to your wee boy :). The first year truly is a marvellous one!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little man Tikki :) they sure do grow up fast.

  7. super classic pressies tik! how did thaT CHUBBA BUBBA GROW SO QUICKLY! Asher can't wait to take Toby for a spin in his wagon...ekkkk!!

  8. The chocolate AND the fact that you are one calm mumma ;)
    Happy Birthday Toby!

  9. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little man!


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