Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hot and not

I was going to post about a couple of things that I'm loving at the moment but then I stumbled across this meme posty thing over at loobylu and decided to join in, so here we go:


I am so totally in love and impressed with these little bathers that arrived for Lily today from Lil Ludy.  A big yay for sweatshop free, ethically and Australian designed and made bathers featuring one-off prints with a great ethos behind them. I love that they are also fully lined and so completely funky to boot. I'm a little jealous that they aren't mine.

Oh how I love the simple beauty of Chook Leaf shoes.  These two pairs have found their way into our house recently, Lily was desperately in need of a new pair of shoes. I was so surprised and excited when she chose the green pair, my absolute favourite.  Equally exciting was the realisation that I could get a pair too as my foot fits in to the largest kids size.

itti bitti nappies. What can I say?
Very very very happy to have a couple of funky pul outers arriving here for the smiley boy to wear over Summer.  I love the d'lishs but gee, I think I love these more :D 

A little secret surprise I'm putting away for Lily for Christmas arrived this afternoon.  It is a beautiful hand-dyed rainbow redondo skirt from the very talented Willow and Moo. How lucky were we to get a custom with the lovely Sara? How much is Lily going to love twirling in this?!!!


A sour note: I'm a little bugged by people who think it is okay to rip off, steal or borrow someone else's creative idea, design or pattern, be it in whole or part, and call it their own. This is not just something that has and is happening to me, but I see it more and more in the creative community. Be inspired, yes.  Emulate, yes. But don't steal or copy please.  Please be respectful of the fact that creative ideas are property, if you don't go around stealing people's bikes don't steal their crafty designs and ideas. If you do steal bikes, well this probably means nothing to you anyway.

Westfield Shopping Centre Gift Cards: it was bad enough that I had to go there, bleh! But then no major stores in Westfield accept these Gift Cards, very handy indeed. When I finally found one that did that was actually worth shopping at, the card didn't work as it wasn't validated properly. 

Sakata Seaweed Biscuits: and whoever the "genius" was there who thought it was a good idea to "improve" their biscuits by putting crap in them!!! 


  1. That skirt is too cute! And I'm loving the shoes too ;-)

  2. oooo tik, the bathers are gorgeous, hmmm do ya think tully needs two pairs of bathers? And yay for new itti's, did you know there's new boo's?
    A big raspberry and kick up the bottom to the unoriginal dicks who choose to copy and make $ from others creativity. blergh!

  3. Love, love Sara's Redondos, they are just divine, my niece scored one for last Christmas, Miss Lily is going to love it.

    Seen those bathers IRL, too cute.

    Loving the shoes - hmm, they would fit my eldest. She hates buying shoes, nothing fits.

    And don't get me started on those who like to 'borrow' others hard work. Been there, still there actually - Karma baby karma - I will only ever support originality and respect.

    Liking this hot or not meme too, might just have to join in

  4. Oh LUCKY Lily! I LOVE those rendondos! Um, I may have another window open looking at lil ludie bathers right now... Zoe really does need new bathers!
    Oh yeah, sakata seaweed can get stuffed!

  5. I just came by to tell you how much I love your Milo pattern. And reading your "not so hot" list, I just want to add that I purchased it legally. :-) I'm using a DreamInColor yarn. Love how it's turning out. When I first read the directions for the arm bind-off, I thought "What?" but as I was knitting it just made so, so much sense. Just really loving it! Now just to hope there'll be a lil' one in the oven soon who can wear it one day! :-)


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