Thursday, November 19, 2009

creative space

I'm jumping back on the creative space bandwagon in an effort to blog a little more.  Lily has gymnastics on Thursday in the afternoon so I find I don't often create during the day on a Thursday.  Today, however, Lily asked me to make her a skirt, not just any skirt, but one out of Japanese fabric.  Aha, I have a little of that in my stash.  

So off we went to the sewing room to rummage through the fabric bin and choose some fabrics.  Lily unfortunately is easily swayed by all things pink and pretty and her vision of a blue Japanese fabric skirt quickly went out the window when she spotted butterfly fabric. Every piece of butterfly fabric was dragged out and assessed for the job. Mmmm, I do seem to have a lot of butterfly fabric too.

Her final choice was a cheap little cotton which matched up with some cute little pink floral.  Some simple rotary cutting and not too much later we had a skirt.

We also had fun making these little racing car dudes, not the healthiest of treats but lily was so disappointed we didn't get to make them for Toby's birthday party (which we had to cancel) that I could not refuse her.

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  1. Hooray for skirt making! Those little teddy racers are tooooo cute. Lovely!

  2. A girl who knows her mind...I like it.

    Aren't the teddy cars just the best ever idea. I wish I had a kid small enough to make them for.

  3. skirt tik, Sage wore the mini version yesterday! The teddy's only have two wheels george????

  4. Georgeous skirt - the fairy wings set it off beautifully!
    Love the teddy cars too - instructions??

  5. Very cute skirt. She looks adorable in it. And happy belated birthday to your little boy!

  6. LOL Lily made the teddies Megs, she said they only need two wheels. I am not arguing the point with a 4 year old!!!

    Bec, the teddy cars are mini Milky Way, smarties stuck on with icing sugar for wheels. And Tiny Teddies pushed into the Milky Ways for the drivers. You can do them with mini lamingtons too.

  7. Can a girl ever have too much pink, Tikki? :) Love the matching butterfly wings too!
    As for the teddy cars, they are just too cute. No wonder she had to make them, party or not!


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