Monday, November 30, 2009

the advent calendar

is progressing well.

It's not finished, nowhere near it in fact. But we have managed to finish six of the 25 pockets for the little activity messages to go in.  We added the star at the top of the tree so we know what we are heading towards, and to give it a sort of balance as we worked.  It is made from three layers of felt and hand embroidered with the letter 25.

Underneath the tree, we added a pile of pressies.  The ones in the background have stitching to imitate the twine wrapped around the presents and have  gift tags, one for each member of our family.

The five presents in the front, those with ribbon or ricrac on them, are all pockets. Their little gift tags are free hanging and made from felt and tied with a little embroidery thread.  I must say the writing embriodery program on my machine is making some of this work much much easier!!

And the first of the decorations for the tree. Lily and I made these little candy canes out of squares of white paper and some red texta and sticky tape; easy peasy.  

So now I have a couple of days' grace while we work through the first five days! 

I'll update with our progress later this week.


  1. looks great Tikki, love the idea! just using a bought one here.

    just a small thing though.... isn't there only 24 days on an advent calender? **ducks and runs**

  2. PMSL you can tell I've never really looked that closely at one then, can't you!!???

    So why only 24 days? Isn't the 25 part of the Christmas advent???

  3. LOL! I have no idea, I only knew this myself because ours only has 24 days and when I googled it to check, everything I found says 24 days! what's the reason? maybe because the 24 days is the countdown and the 25th day is actually Christmas? that's my guess!

    oh well, you'll have a very unique and personalised advent calender! and who says you can't count Christmas Day anyway - I'm sure the Advent Calender Police won't be coming round to arrest you! pmsl

  4. Coming along very nicely! The presents are really cute!

  5. Looks amazing!! I love your blog, it is just beautifull!


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