Thursday, September 17, 2009

creative space time again

well, it seems like Thursday has rolled around again and all my good intentions of blogging seem to have not come to fruition. It is wet here today, lots of glorious Spring rain but with that feel of winter.. brrr.   so once again, I'm resorting to a bit of cheating, and sharing something I meant to blog sometime since last Thursday.

Rewind to last Thursday and I was working on a 4 ply version of my forthcoming pattern, bloom.  I've finished that version, but have to admit I'm still working on the 10 ply version.  A sick little boy and a pattern for a doll's version of bloom had me somewhat sidetracked.

Tonight I am working on the 10 ply version as we speak ;)  

so here it is, the 4ply version completed.

This sizing will fit a newborn bubba (and probably a premmie size bubba too) as a dress and will grow with the bubba through all that crawling and walking to fit as a little top at around 12-18 months. (Obviously this all depends on the size of your bubba ;) but you know, for an average size bub it will). The fit will range from a 13 inch chest up to about a 19 inch chest.  

This is my little *ahem* one modelling it. He is 10 months old but on the larger size for his age apparently, and has an 18 inch chest.

And how cute is that cloth nappy butt poking out the bottom.  I was  very tempted to put a pink nappy on for the shoot but resisted and settled for our favourite itti bitti d'lish.

Lily is a bit over the range for this but it does still fit her. She's 4 and has a 21 inch chest, she's quite lean.

and loves to model for Mummy.  Here, she is pretending that she has a corn cob in her mouth, I have absolutely no idea why.  

more creative spaces to be found over at kootoyoo


  1. Very Very sweet wee dress - your very talented!

  2. OOO that's very vintage! you are clever!

  3. ooo to cute tik! how sweet does little Toby look, hope he's all better!

  4. Just beautiful... awwwww :) and very clever ;)

  5. Gorgoues as usual :) your kids are stunning!
    The 10 ply verson will zoom by after knitting 4! hehe

  6. Lovely as always - still to blog mine - awaiting the photo of the little bubba in it for you:)

  7. Gosh that is lovely lovely pattern. Love how it blooms with your child.Loved the IB nappy too - our fav show off nappy here!

  8. adorable. found you by way of the ravelry link to your blog. very nice job!


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