Monday, April 06, 2009

Shades of Pink Rainbow Dress

In true princess fashion, pink is the colour of choice here. Pink reigns supreme.  So when upgrading and retesting the rainbow dress pattern, it's no surprise that Lily opted for a pink dress.
Loads of yarn in this dress for the big four year old; still a size 2 though just really really long.
Some new mods which will appear in the pattern upgrade; slightly altered bodice shaping, eyelet round in bodice and lace trim on hem.
She's already picked her yarn for the next one!!


  1. LOVE the new template, very nice. Today DD was wearing the rainbow dress I made for her this time last year, still looks lovely :) The new mods look great

  2. Lovely choice of colours for a princess xox

  3. Great colour for a princess and love the lace hem. Looks great!


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