Sunday, April 05, 2009


The little rainbow girl turned four a few weeks ago.

Let me tell you, four seems big, old, humunguous and definitely no longer my little baby. When they're three, there's still that bit of toddlerhood you can grasp onto, but four... that preschool and school territory. Big kid stuff.  Thank goodness I have little baby Toby to ease the pain of the loss of the babyhood for Lil.

Now Lily love love loves a party, well, I think she actually more loves the idea of a party, rather than the party itself, but nonetheless she decided she was going to have a party for her fourth birthday.  Given that we spent her third birthday in a two man tent on the east coast in Byron Bay in pouring rain with no other family, we thought that was fair enough. She chose, surprise surprise, to have a Princess Party. And I was told very sternly that I had to write on all the invitations, NO PIRATES ALLOWED! .. . so I did.

The day finally dawned with lots of preparation and excitement.. Mummy was up half the night before baking delicious goodies and preparing the cake masterpiece.

The weather was perfect.  

The cupcakes were ready

gift bags for guests all done
teacups prepared (with a hell of a lot of chasing around on Dad's behalf to find Lifesavers, who would have thought a pack of Lifesavers would be so hard to find!??!)

And the cake:

Did she love her cake?

No, she did not. 

She hated the cake. 

She burst into tears and had a meltdown when she saw the cake. I thought she'd love it, I was up until two in the morning getting the ice-cream skirt to work. I thought it would be an awesome surprise. Who would have known she'd hate it. That she'd be worried that the boys would eat Ariel. And why didn't I make sure that she really couldn't see me pull Ariel out of the cake with no legs on!! Ooops!!

She did ask for a princess cake.... but apparently that's not a princess cake. A princess cake does not have a princess in it, she tells me.  A princess cake is apparently just a plain chocolate cake with loads of strawberries on top. Now I know. 

It was all too much for the little one and she crashed later that afternoon. I guess her yucky  cold didn't help matters.
And a little memento from the party. Little flags for the garden drawn on by the kiddies (and some grown ups). 
Happy birthday my big girl, you know you'll always be my baby girl really. 


  1. it looks so beautiful! I cant wait for my lily to be that old so I can do teaparties and princess cupcakes! I feel for your work on the arieal cake, ohh to be 4 again, where all I would need to worry about hehe is what the boys shall eat!
    Loving your layout, Im currently working on mine! must be blog month.
    xxx Courtney

  2. Oh my, and that was the most beautiful cake EVER! (hmmm 4yos hey, a sign of things to come :P).

    Loving those teacups! How clever :)

  3. I love the princess cake, and those teacups are ingenious!

  4. Oh, just gorgeous! I have a 3rd birthday coming up in June for my Lily - exciting stuff! Isn't it adorable that she was worried about the boys eating Ariel! :P

  5. Sometimes you just can't predict the unpredictable. LOL

  6. Gorgeous cake, teacups, and gift bags what a wonderful party!

  7. ohhh clever you tik! YOur layout looks great. Think I need to do a bit of work on my boring old thing too! So sad we couldn't come along and play at Lily's big birthday bash! Everyone looks super yummy, even the cake rofl. Poor Ariel lol

  8. I just showed Tully the cake and she thinks it loked great ...BUT she wouldn't want one of her dollies in a cake either, just a candle doll. What's that???? Maybe we should have asked Tully's advice first lol

  9. The cake did look great but at least you know next time. I can never find lifesavers for the tea cups either, sometimes I use musk lollies

  10. I missed this, looks like a fantastic party. The cake and the sweets are gorgeous although I can see how it could have proved traumatic for Lily.

    Glad she had a great day, happy birthday to the big 4 year old!

  11. It was a wondeful party Tik!! I was so sad for Lily :( and you... who was to know? It all looked gorgeous and I'm still dreaming about that coconut ice xox

  12. Oh dear on the cake! I think it looks great, but it's really interesting to see how children's minds work sometimes. I hope the upset was brief :)


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