Thursday, April 09, 2009

my creative space ...

I've been meaning to join in this little game for awhile now, you can find the details over at kootoyoo
This is what my creative space predominantly looks like of late, baby strapped to chest with sticks clicking away.  Toby loves to be carried, which doesn't leave a great window of opportunity for sewing.  It is however a fabulous excuse to spend eons of time knitting.. hehehe... 

I'm working on a little something for our Local Love stocking here, that Megsie has been gushing about .... it's all a bit exciting really ... and once my pile of cut out fabrics transforms into something more recognisable I'll share some preview pics too :)


  1. Such a sweet, sweet picture! Keep knitting and keep cuddling! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. I love your little knitted dresses....are they suitable for a beginner knitter? I've not knitted in the round before but like the idea of no seams!

  3. Our bubba's are getting big arent they??? I love having snuggles with Indi too. Cant quite manage to knit when she is awake and in a sling though - LOL

  4. I think you could manage to work a sewing machine around the bundle :)

  5. SNUGLOVIN!!! You know I love that space so so much :). Enjoy it, it passes quickly :)


    ps - my word verification for this is blesse - perfect really!

  6. Love the little wet patch on the wrap - has your Toby been sucking?
    Looking great!

  7. What a cuddly creative space. Lovely.

  8. I remember when Leo was little and I would spend my days snuggling and knitting! The best wy to spend the day methinks :)


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