Tuesday, April 14, 2009

meet alexander...

We're off to a little first birthday party today for one of Lily's little friend's brothers.  After much discussion, Lily and I decided to make the birthday boy a softie.  I know that the little birthday boy has a bit of a pirate theme in his bedroom so we decided on a pirate softie. Lily helped me pick the fabrics and design it, although her picture in her visual diary was a little different LOL  

He is a little rough in spots as I tested the theory as to whether or not I could sew with Toby in the wrap in front of me,... um, well I can ... just, but I probably wouldn't make anything to sell  doing it. His little head does get in the way a bit, and when I'm sitting down he does sit higher on me.

Hopefully, the birthday boy will love him regardless :)


  1. Oh wow Tikki, I love those mod squares. What fabric is that???? Looks great :) I am sure the birthday boy will love it :)

  2. Captain Alexander is gorgeous! and very perfect for a birthday boy - hope he enjoys!

  3. oh he is gorgeous! wonderful present!

  4. Oh he is cute and sure to be well loved.


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