Saturday, August 16, 2008

cute cute cute ~ the newborn stash

How bloody gorgeous are these!!!!

Cute little adorable cloth nappies from the gorgeous Leah of Kidz in Cloth fame. I recently did a trade with Leah, I made this pinnie  for her little girl and also sent her a pasta maker we weren't using and she came up with these little things!! 

How cute cute cute!!! Our little bub will be nappied in all cloth, just like Lily was. Seriously I don't know why anyone would take the ugly plastic landfill option over these.  Cute and environmentally friendly versus chemical plastic petrochemical stuff  that sits for hundreds and hundreds of years in landfill.  They're really easy to use too ;) Don't be fooled by ridiculous stories of soaking etc. 

Lily loved them so much too that she took them over and told me I wasn't allowed to touch them as they were for her .... fairies!!! Cheeky tot!!

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  1. WOW!!! ImPrEsSive!! What a lucky little baby. When I was pregnant and sorting out our stash my 5yo decided she wanted to own a (real ;) ) nappy shop when she grew up.Cute!


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