Monday, August 11, 2008

girls' weekend

Lily and I had a lovely long girls' weekend just gone, the one she calls The Prince was off at some ridiculously early hour Friday morning (4 am *gasp*) filming for the weekend. He didn't get home until nearly midnight last night. So we had lots of lovely mummy and daughter time, no different from the rest of the week but without the break that Daddy walking in the door after work affords.

Lily missed her daddy something crazy and told him this morning she didn't want him to go away on a trip ever again. something about it being a weekend and her knowing her dad was away did make her more demanding on my time than she normally is; I played all sorts of "fun" princess, doll, mermaid and fairy games. Read about a billion books. Dressed a thousand paper dolls. And was quite worn out by the end of it. 

 Last night despite my Chinese Olympic protest, I relented and turn them on for some respite. I thought Lily might like the swimming, which she did, but she LOOOVED the gymnastics and was hilariously trying to copy their moves!!!

I did manage to finally finish off  a few pieces that I've been slowly working on.  Things are slow now we're in the third trimester.

So some fleece longies for the shop, they shall go up this evening :)  The red ones are little little little!!!! 

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