Sunday, August 03, 2008


the colour theme continues....

and some more knitting.

This is a cute little kimono jacket for the unborn one. But I have to confess I started knitting this November last year, it's knit from a slight variation of the Clementine Baby Kimono in pear tree 4ply yarn in acacia, which gauges more like a 3 ply I think.  My plan was to knit two as a gift! OMG!!! what was I thinking, all that ribbing on 3.25mm needles was insane and I just couldn't face another one.  Actually, I couldn't even face seaming it up once I finished it so it has sat unfinished since January. I finally got around to seaming it last week and it has been added to the little bub's stash of woollies.

some more green knits. these are going into a parcel that will be sent of to my little nephew Asher this week. 

three pairs of longies for the gorgeous little man; two revamped, with extra leg length added, defluffed and relanolised in the gorgeous sonnet wool care from the yarn cafe.
And one new pair, a belated birthday gift. Beautiful Monsterknits 8ply BFL dyed by the master dyer Lily Rainbow.  He will look adorable in these with his cute little glowing red curls. 

Today we went to a family christening for our darling little niece Emily. Coincidentally, the priest in the church overseeing the ceremony (Catholic) was wearing bright green robes; a very pretty green indeed. Lily asked on the way home, "why was the man at the christening wearing a dress?" That's a hard one to answer in three year old terms, Andy started talking about tradition and stuff LOL 

In the end, she got the simple answer that sometimes for important occasions like christenings, weddings, etc. men like to wear dresses.  She could understand this as there is a photo at home of Andy in a kilt from a wedding where he was a groomsman.  


  1. Gorgeous sweater. I still havent finished my one of those which has been sitting there for months now. It is halfway done. Love the longies too, great colors.

  2. That little kimono jacket is divine! I adore that green and just everything about it is perfect!


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