Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Purple rain

Long time between posts it seems.

We've been busy busy busy here; Lily and I have been away visiting Gran and for Miss Tully's birthday, we've had the pint clan come to stay and in amongst all that we've all been a bit sick with the wintery lurgies.  I don't usually get sick much in winter but maybe because this winter has been particularly wintery, or I'm carrying a passenger, this cold seems to be lingering on.  Anyway, not much has been happening on the sewing front, it's a bit hard to sew with a stuffed up head.

I have been getting some knitting done in my convalescence; here's a couple of purple pieces. 

Pattern: a scaled down version of Wicked
Size: toddler size
Yarn: Cynthia Helene Merino DK in Heather
Needles:  Knit Picks 4mm
co 80 stitches.
Knit 12 rows of the crossover rib pattern. (refer to pattern for details)
Knit a row placing stitch markers. Marker at start of round (centre back), k14, pm, k12, pm, k28, pm, k12, pm, k14.
Knit 14 sets of increases as per pattern instructions (192 stitches in total, 56 each front and back and 40 for each sleeve) before removing sleeve stitches to scrap yarn.
Knit body straight for required length; about 7 or 8 inches.
Finish with 12 rows of crossover rib.
Sleeves: 52 rows then 12 rows of crossover rib. 

Lily and I decided to go without the pocket so that she can wear it under some of her pinnies. Still might do her one with a pocket though ;)

And a little something for Andy. He loves knitted cotton dishcloths and these are my attempt to encourage him more in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I didn't have a "manly" dishcloth cotton in my stash, so mauve it is. 

Both are knitted with Lily Sugar and Cream cotton on 4.5mm needles.
Both are free patterns.


  1. Ooh that mini Wicked is so cute. I really like those dishcloths too.

  2. gorgeous jumper tik! Looks fab on lil :D

    we're stil stuffed up here too. Gee that lurgie is a hanger.


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