Wednesday, July 09, 2008

some finished bits and pieces

Seems like ages since I've included some sewing pics, I've been plugging away at the customs but it has been taking a while.

Lily has been sick this week, she's got a yucky cold and sore throat.  Not a big deal really, but she hasn't really been sick before and I can count the number of colds she's had on one hand.  She's been very clingy during the day, wanting me with her all the time and quite unsettled at night, her sore throat seems to wake her and she gets quite upset and finds it hard to get back to sleep. :(  I'm sure she'll be better soon though.

Anyway, first up a couple of previews of some pants I'll pop up in the store later today ~ in sizes 1, 2 and 3 ~ wide legs and all gender neutral.
Megsie has a gorgeous pelican tshirt up for auction at the moment. And I'll add this outfit as another auction in the next few days. This is a really cute little train image, with some wide leg hemp denim pants. It's a great little set, perfect for layering now and then by itself in Spring.

and some custom images;

heavyweight denim with Riverside Adventures pockets
fabric from Lara Cameron 

A contrast:
Comrade Camos and Cherry Red for the same little girl

handbag applique on fleece longies
this shopping bag fabric was just perfect for these!!

an overdue birth gift:
some matching fleece longies for some gorgeous girls

a sin against the fabric gods:
a three year old's dream pj pants
I'm almost ashamed to admit to making these!


  1. Wow, you're the pants queen! I love all of them but the red cords with the cherries are my absolute fave!

  2. Oh my daughter would love those princess pj pants too. I love all the clothes you make, so cute and great fabrics too.


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