Thursday, April 17, 2008

getting there

Can you believe I'm still catching up on stuff after being away?  I really don't know how that is, but it is!

After being away, Lily seems to trash the house twice as much as before. She used to confine her "playing" to one room but today at the end of the day it was strewn over four rooms. Andy went to lay down on the bed for an afternoon nap and it was literally covered in dolls and soft toys, who were apparently in their bus.

Slowly getting into the sewing front again, time for that even seems very limited at the moment. Finally finished a couple of pairs of shorts and flares tonight, ready to go up tomorrow. I've also started on some fleece longies, and have six pairs cuts out awaiting applique and sewing up. 

Before we went away we had Lily's three year old photos done.  They turned out wonderfully. I'll add a few at a time over a few posts so there's not too much Lily overload; she's pretty photogenic!!  And if you ask her, apparently I'm responsible for making her so cute.. but Daddy did help a bit, he made her toes!!!!

Anyway, here she is modeling again her Rainbow dress which you can find the pattern for in the side bar over to the left. 

Man, I can't believe she's three!!!


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