Saturday, September 15, 2007

UFOs for the finals fever

Last night I watched my first complete game of footy for the year. I've watched a quarter here and there but not a full game until last night and gosh was it nerveracking!!!

It probably has more to do with my "busyness" (sic) than the game itself, I don't mind footy but really don't often maintain the interest to watch a whole game.

The occasion? My team was playing in a qualifying final against my brother's team in Perth. The odds were really against us as West Coast haven't lost to Collingwood (yes, I did say Collingwood LOL) in WA since 1994 and had never lost a final in Perth. Well, that all changed last night after a drawn game and extra time (nah nah nah nah nah David), which means that next weekend we meet my husband's team Geelong in the preliminary final (they have only lost a game or two all year) so it will be an interesting week in this household.

Today I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister. When I arrived home this afternoon Andy had made our bed *shock horror* and hung on the bed posts a Geelong and a Collingwood scarf above our respective sleeping sides. LOL He's a bit cute sometimes!!!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of sewing of late. I have been away at my mum's having a lovely relaxing time. Lily cried when we left as she didn't want to come home, she loves her Gran!! Mostly I've been working on some customs but also some ideas for some new pieces and trying to get myself organised to have some stock for the October Mothers' Night Market at our Playgroup.

So as I have no new sewing to show I thought I'd share this picture of Lily in a vintage pinnie. This pinnie actually belonged to me, there's a photo of me somewhere wearing this in my grade prep school photo at age 5. No I wasn't particularly short, we wore dresses very very very short in the 70s. I'm not sure why she's wearing one of my ugg boots though.

And look at this for some bargain shopping!!! I took my mum to the new Geelong Spotlight while she was staying with us and scored these 24 balls of wool for a mere $12, 50 cents a ball!!! Bargain!! I did have to rummage amongst a fair bit of craparama yarn to come up with theses goodies, but it was worth it. I do regret leaving behind a coule of balls of brown Studio Mohair though, although I snaffled three other balls. Other finds here; Cleakheaton Merino Spun, Cleakheaton Cocoon, Cara cotton, bella baby 4 ply (which is a 100% merino baby yarn) and some Panda starshine ~ had to let a little bit of acrylic sneak in.

And because it is UFO month at Woolaholics I feel obligated to share my UFOs and my attempts at finishing them.
Something Lime in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece; the pattern calls for a worsted cotton so I've had to make some adjustments along the way, so hopefully it all works out, but I like it so far.

Hedera socks in Monsterknits Spring Hippy. I adore the colourway of this yarn and the sock pattern but I'm not sure if I love them together. I think I'll actually start a pair of Fools Rush in the other ball and see if I prefer that for the colourway before I frog.

Jo Sharp zig zag rib vest in Jo Sharp DK yarn, colour oak. I just seem to have lost interest in this, but I'm sure I'll come back to it eventually as it is lovely. (so this is not imperative to get finished)

Rainy Day socks that are so embarrassingly close to being finished it's not funny. The pattern does get a bit lost in the colours, but hey when you're trying to see if it's possible to knit a sock between here and Adelaide you have to go with what's on hand.

And this bulky yarn (I'm using some Katia Himalaya that has been languishing in my stash for many a year) poncho from Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting 2.
I don't feel the need to have this finished until next winter either.


  1. I had good intentions of finishing a heap of UFO's too, but instead I've cast on 4 more! I'm a North Melbourne supporter, so I'm out of the woodwork too :) Hubby is a Collingwood supporter so we are enjoying the finals too so far.



    I just have to say I love that gorgeous pini Lily has on! You must've been quite trendy as a littlie Tikki!


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