Thursday, September 06, 2007

Late night shots

Late nights are my time. It's usually the time I get to sit down finally and do a little crafting be it knitting or sewing. Usually after Lily has finally gone to sleep (often later than her father LOL) I do the rounds cleaning up her chaos and the scattered parties she's managed to spread all over the house with her various dollies and little people, that I'm not allowed to disturb during the day. Apparently the partying still continues even when she's not actively playing with them. I was thinking how much the house has changed since she was born and how much more tidying up I have to do, it's bad enough picking up after Andy LOL But as much as the little messy parties are sometimes a chore to pick up at the end of each day, it's the little reminders like the following that make it all worthwhile and make me smile.

I found this artful little decorating hanging off the surround sound speaker wires. I thought it was pretty cute and didn't have the heart to clean it up, so it's still there.

Lily's flower vase; that is just inside the front door. This is where she puts her flowers that she's picked after we've been out on our walks. Usually we come home from music on Wednesday morning with a handful of sourgrass. She hasn't learnt the delight of chewing it yet. I remember being told not to chew it when I was little as a dog might have weeed on it, but it was so yummy!! She's also added some sheoak cones, a banksia cone and some shells to the mix. I'm going to make her some felted bowls to keep these treasures in.

Her rainbow rocket from Library last Thursday. After the eclipse the stories were all about the moon. We showed Lily the eclipse and she quite liked it but then said, "Now I want to see the moon shine green."

As I put things away in her bedroom while she sleeps this cute little eggs glow at me. Aren't they the most awesome nightlights. They're three eggs that constantly change colour. They're made from a soft but tough material so you can pick them up and walk around with them and even drop them and it doesn't matter. Lily's godfather, Kenny, gave her these.

And because it seems I haven't being doing any sewing (I haven't) or knitting lately, here's a little picture of something I'm working on at the moment.

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