Thursday, September 20, 2007


It has most definitely been swaparama here lately. We've been involved in two swaps and I can't believe I have been so remiss as to not post pics. *smack on wrist*

Firstly our Children's Book Week Swap which involved gifting a second hand book and a bookmark. We got Fi as our recipient and this is what we gave her. A copy of Tim Winton's Jesse ( we had two copies of this; mine and Lily's which she got for her birthday from her Godmother, so I gifted my copy. When Lily saw me wrapping it up she got very upset about me wrapping her book) chosen as it is a great Australian pictures book and Fi is a Kiwi, Creative Serging (daggy but a useful guide as Fi has just got a new overlocker) and I knitted and beaded this bookmark out of some Jo Sharp cotton.
This was the first time I'd knitted with beads and I cannot for the life of me imagine how people can thread 4000 beads on to be knitted !!!!
My plan was to deliver this while Fi was at playgroup on Friday morning and put some UK stamps on that we had here. I wasn't going to risk trying to deliver it any other time, as I know she'd catch me and her letter box is too small to shove a parcel into, so it had to go on the doorstep. My plan fell apart in two ways, the sticker loving toddler seemed to have knicked some of the stamps leaving me with a 44p stamp (yes, very cheap postage indeed!!!) and Andy decided he needed the car. So the parcel got delivered at 8:15 am. Australia Post that efficient.... highly unlikely!!!! so I was sprung!

And this is the parcel that we received from the lovely Mel. The Golden Book was a favourite of Mel's as a little girl and it has quickly become one of Lily's, she loves picking flowers and thinks it is pretty cool that Big Bird has a bunch of flowers in this. And Winnie the Witch is just terrific!! Lovely and colourful, I think it's pretty humorous too LOL I love it when she turn the cat rainbow coloured and he hides at the top of the tree and the birds laugh at him. hehehe The lovely bookmark Mel made and her son Will helped decorate, which Lily has added further to. I love the inscription she has included on the back
Never be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Go where it wants to go, enjoy the freedom and happiness it brings.
And for me, this wonderful aged and musty copy of The Catcher in the Rye; an awesome book.
Thanks again Mel!!! We love our gifts!!

Oh, and here's Lily reading her "little book" as she calls her bookmark.

The second swap is a Small Things Swap, you have to make something from less than 200 grams of wool. Once again, we received some wonderful gifts. This came from Rebecca; a terrific little bag for Lily. Rebecca dyed the wool herself. I love how she researched and knew Lily's love for buttons and so put some on. Lily just ADORES this bag and people comment on how cute it is everywhere we go, and she does take it just about everywhere. You may have spied it in our zoo photos. In it she keeps her matching sunglasses pouch with her baby banz (time for some new sunnies Mum!), her purse and all sorts of weird stuff, usually some wooden fruit or vegies and something she's pilfered from my sewing room. And for me, a sunglasses pouch which is just perfect as I can never find the damn black one that my Guccis came in, ridiculously it's a damn big case too!!!
Again, big thanks Rebecca for such thoughtful gifts.

well, I have to admit to being naughty and only posting my swap out yesterday so my recipient won't have received it yet. I'll probably be up the block when she receives it so it doesn't matter if she works it out LOL
I'll add more of the story as to why it was late when she receives it so it's not too obvious before she gets it incase she reads my blog before then. Anyway, I made a felted oven mitt and pot holder. I then decided to jazz them up a bit with some Kona Bay quilters cotton. I did send some sprigs of fresh rosemary with the parcel too (are you allowed to post plants in Australia?...oops) so it will be smelling lovely! These were really fun to make, I really love felting!! Although the pot holder took days and days to dry!!!!!

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  1. yay! they're mine! thanks so much Georgie, I love them! I imagined they'd take a while to dry - they're so thick - you are so clever :D


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