Friday, February 23, 2007

Megsie's awesome pixies

well, I've just finished with the listings for the gorgeous pint pixie range. I feel like I know these little creatures so well as I've grown up seeing their images everywhere. I have a whole collection of Christmas tree decorations with little pixies painted on them, they're just so cute!!! Anyway, judge for yourself, And Lily will be getting a tee with, of course, a lily pixie on it!!! YEAH!!!!
The plan is to send them live 9pm AEDST tomorrow evening, hopefully all will go to plan ;)
And then the Groovy Swirls baby doll dress will go up for auction starting on Saturday.


  1. The tee are seriously gorgeous (I was so lucky to get Bella!) and I will definatley be bidding on that lush Groovy Swirls.

  2. i was also lucky enough to get one of these - megsie they are just the cutest things ever

  3. The are all just absolutely spectacular! Beautiful!


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