Saturday, February 17, 2007

Groovy Swirls Baby doll dress ~ to pant or not to pant? That is the question..

Gosh I love this fabric!!! It is Michael Miller Groovy Swirls. Leah from Kidz In Cloth sent me some leftovers of this, and I just adored it. So when I saw some when I put in my overseas order I had to buy it!!! I would really like to keep it for Lily, but she does have waaaaay too many dresses, so it is destined for auction on ozebaby.

Excuse the very poor Shakespeare pun, but my dilemna now is whether to add pants to this or not. I have some denim bootleg pants cut out and ready to sew up and enough of this fabric to do some pockets on them. Then we would have a outfit perfect for summer and autumn and even winter. I'm making little shrugs for Lily and I to wear with some of our summer tops in the cooler weather.

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  1. Man.... you have the best taste in fabrics and the prettiest touches and finishes. I adore this!


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