Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting stuff done..

Just about finished the strawberry shorts for Trudi; the strawberry fabric looks so gorgeous against the denim. I'm really stoked with them. Just need to finish off the hems and elastic tomorrow and they're done!

Not sure what to do next with the fruit thing; I feel I've been overdosing on the girly stuff lately so feel the need for a bit of a boy bent. Hmm, might finish off the motorbike fleece longies over the weekend and get started on some boy shorts. Thought I might actually put up a semi-custom pair of shorts for auction where the winner can choose the size and pocket/patch placement and select from five very special fabrics. It might help give me an idea of where to price my shorts. And oh, I've got some lovely fabric that hasn't seen the light of day yet!

I've also been doing quite a bit of knitting, so this fabric blog is now really going to be a craft blog and I think I'll include some knitting pics. So tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of a photo blitz lol

Tonight we had the yummiest dinner ~ almost totally organic. We had tofu marinated in soy sauce and Virgin Island screaming seeds mix; a green salad from the lettuces in our garden, with organic tomatoes, carrots, beans and olives; a pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, chick peas and baby silverbeet from the garden. Andy and Lily also had steak and a little french cutlet. It was great to eat the produce from our garden, yeah, Lily also managed to pick our only capsicum and destroy it with love LOL. I can't believe she hasn't picked any of the apples off our miniature apple trees, they're just her height. I think they've got about two weeks and they'll be fully ripe ~ Andy put the bird nets up tonight.

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