Wednesday, May 02, 2012

milo may 2012

It's May!
Which means it's Milo May again!!!

Time to crack out your needles and dive into your 8ply stash to whip up some cute adorable milos for all and sundry. Well, okay not all and sundry. I won't be knitting my husband a milo. Nor possibly, my elderly neighbour. Or even her cat. And probably not even that small boy at Lily's school who is terribly tiny and terribly cute. But hey, just about everyone else will possibly, maybe, with some good intentions, get one knitted for them.

So what's Milo May all about?

Milo was released in May three years ago. To celebrate, my Rav group decided to have a mass Knit-A-Long for the month of May. It was so much fun, and everyone went to town creating some very individual and stunning milos.  There were 126 milos knit in May 2011.  So much fun was had, we decided to make it an annual event.

Want to join in?
You do need to be a member of Ravelry. (well, sort of, if you want to see what others are knitting. You could just knit a long and be oblivious to all the other milos being knit. That would be ok too.)
Pop on over to my Rav group and join in the thread, post photos of your finished milo and tag it with MILOMAY2012 and you're in the running for a prize.

It could be a spot prize along the way.  Or it could be the final prize, winner randomly selected by my milo boy, of 200g of hand dyed 8ply wool.

So get those sticks clicking away!

I'm planning three this year; one for the milo boy, one for a yet to be born nephew and one for the sweetest little girl who is the most appreciative recipient of knits I know!

So who's in?


  1. I also have a yet-to-be-born nephew who will be miloed. Yeah, I did kind of verb it there. Is that ok? I know Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) says that 'verbing weirds language', so I'll understand if you need me to retract that. ;-) Looking forward to joining in the Milo May 12 fun.


  2. I am going to join in too, so much fun and such a great pattern!

  3. Im In! Except I started mine last week in April, does that still count?? Its not finished yet so it will be finished in May.
    I love the Milo.

  4. I am knitting my 14th (I think) milo for a soon to be born babe on the other side of the country. I lost it for a while but it surfaced in the vegie basket and should be finished by the end of May. Not my best effort, but count me in!

  5. I knitted my first Milo and loved it. I am new to knitting so it was a bit of a challenge but I plan to make another one so I can master it!


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