Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday ~ yarnalong

yoo hoo? is anyone out there?

Gosh, it has certainly been a long time since I blogged, and you know what? I really really miss it.

I really miss documenting the story of my creating, and I really miss the interaction with other bloggers. I'm still reading other blogs, but when you really aren't blogging the commenting bit sort of falls by the wayside too. They can't really come over to your blog to return the comment and say, "hey, get off your arse! You haven't updated for a month!" Well, they could. But most people are too polite to do that.

I promised myself numerous times that I would start regularly blogging again, then I get bogged down and stuck in trying to figure out where to start when trying to catch up! Do I do one big post? Or separate posts? What have I missed?  And then the cycle starts all over again.

I need a push or a time to regularly blog to help me on my way. And then I stumbled across yarnalong on a fellow yarnie's blog, and that I decided was going to be my impetus.

So the idea of yarnalong is that each Wednesday you blog about what you're crafting up with yarn and also reading. Visit the main blog and leave your linky and then you'll get lots of lovely encouragement to finish what you're working on. Cool, hey?  

So for me, my crafting this last week has been a bit of desperate knitting as I work on a couple of secret designs with a looming deadline.  Because they're secret, I can't show you them, but I can show you a  peep of a few other things I'm working on. 

I'm in one of those situations where I have five garments on my needles, which yes, can be a tad confusing at times....particularly when four of those garments are patterns in development. I'm really not sure where my mind is at at the moment but nevermind!

So my (main) yarny working basket is looking a wee bit overloaded and like this:

The red garment is the one that I am desperately wanting to be working on and going back to when I can. I took it to knitting knit this week as my secret ones can't be seen in public.

It's knit in Red Ridinghood Yarns 8ply Superwash, in the 'Ruby Slippers', colourway.

Lily has given it the name "Bollard".  The bollards in Geelong are her favourite place ever, so that's the link... tenuous but that's ok. It may change yet, very very possibly to be honest!

Close up it looks a bit like this:

And my reading matter this week, as you can see, has been Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee's 'All Wound Up'. 
A nice easy amusing read for the end of the day to send me off to sleep. 

Pop on over to the Small things blog to join in or see other what other yarnies are up to this week!
(psst, I'm a bit early at the moment as I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and blogging while I have some time rather than trying to squeeze it in tonight when it's Wednesday in the NH.


  1. I've lost my blogging mojo too but I did blog earlier today..funnily enough it was about you! (well your designs). I love the look of the red "thing" - is it an adult sized knit? lovely! Good luck getting all your deadlines met.

  2. What a great idea. I have the same problem of leaving it too long and not knowing where to start. its a vicious cycle! :-)

  3. I'm meant to be blogging, right's so much easier to read someone else's blog instead!

  4. I'm glad you're back... I enjoy seeing what you're up too. That red looks delicious and I love the pattern detail.

  5. Welcome back!! That looks like a very interesting knit, can't wait to see what it is. I also love yarnalong blogging, its a good kick in the bum :)


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