Sunday, April 22, 2012

lazy sunday

I love a lazy Sunday afternoon.
An afternoon of quiet sunshine interspersed with some rolling thunder and autumn rains.
The kids settled into an afternoon of imaginative play, with sticks and capes and lots of co-operation.
A hot cup of chai.
Some yarn to play with and the last of the easter chocolate.

This afternoon I'm sharing my love between crochet and knitting.
Last night I started crocheting a cushion cover out of some glorious noro. Gosh, I do love noro.

This afternoon I wound some more skeins of WOOLganics Head, Heart and Hand into balls to keep working on Lily's log cabin blanket.

This afternoon my new favorite possession is this beautiful green wooden chair.
Scrounged from a neighbouring town's hard rubbish collection. shhh!

How are you spending your Sunday?
What are you working on?
Do you scrounge the hard rubbish collections too? What's your best find?

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  1. Lazy Sundays are my favourite kind :) I sat outdoors and knit about an hour this afternoon.

    Love your chair...I have a few old pieces that I've rescued and made look brand new. It's marvellous what a lick of paint can do!


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