Tuesday, November 01, 2011

so when last I pimped..

it was October.
and I was giving the old Blogtober thing a go.
Did you participate? How did you go?
If you went better than I did you deserve a big HIP HIP HOORAY!.
I managed six posts for Blogtober... ahum, yep, a wee bit crap really!

Oh well, November is another month, one that looms a wee bit less crazy than October. Today I'm feeling a bit of a weight lifted from my shoulder as I managed to get through two big outside imposed deadlines this week. A couple of things that have been stressing me out just a wee bit... but all good now, as that is all behind us for the year!

so how about another pattern pimp?

Last post I shared one of the zig-zag patterns, so while we're on that train let's chug-a-lug along and meet a few more of the zig-zag patterns.

These, I think are the funnest of the zig-zag patterns.
They're zeg warmers. What else would you call them, hey?

Really quick to knit and super fun to wear. The pattern is written for a dk/8ply weight yarn, but it has included in it the finished sizes if you decided to sub with other different weight yarns; 5ply/sport, 10ply/worsted and aran/heavy worsted weight.

Sizing ranges from baby to large adult, so you could make a pair for all the Flashdancing floosies in your house if you wanted.

These ones are knit in madelinetosh tosh merino dk, a gorgeous single ply dk weight yarn that I am a wee bit smitten with now.

Lily's are the XS size knit to a wee bit longer than child length.

The pattern also has a number of links to tutorials and videos to learn a few new skills that make these little zeg-warmers look very professsionally finished! Gotta love that!

Just like the ziggy pattern, you can purchase zeg warmers either individually from my pattern store for a mere $3 or as part of the zig-zag ebook that will contain 5 patterns for $16. (just between you and me, the last pattern which is long overdue will be released this week)

as you were ;)


  1. Yes I made it.I did start one day late and I didnt sign up just challenged myself.Only had a hard time twice and the rest just flowed.Nice to have a break today tho lol

  2. I *love* those leg warmers!

    As for blogtober all I can say is that I am glad it is over and I didn't even participate. My bloglines gets into the thousands and I just can't keep up. I love the idea of it but I find I end up spending a lot less time at my favourite blogs because I am rushing through all the posts just trying keep up.


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