Tuesday, November 15, 2011

new pattern: ziggidy doo

A new pattern for the Spring months here, and the Autumnal months in the Northern hemisphere.

This little pattern is quite a bit later to be released than I anticipated. Who would have thought that the start of the fourth term of the school year would be so out of control! I started the term looking forward to a chance to catch up on all things knitting related after spending the school term break sick and then away. you know, I'm still waiting for that chance to catch up now, how many weeks in? I have no idea how many weeks in we are now, four maybe, quite possibly five.

Anyway, I digress...so with loads of crazy school related and other general stuff going on, this wee pattern was a bit later in being added to the zig-zag ebook. You know, I guess that's all part of the indie designing-Stay-At-Home-Mummy juggling school kid, full-time at home toddler and a business of sorts gig. I think the schedules we (ok, maybe that's I) set ourselves are probably a lot tighter than they would be if we were publishing in a magazine or book. But you know what, Ysolda Teague's new book took a lot longer to get out than she expected, so I figure I'm in good company here!

So this skirt, hey.

It's knit seamless from the top down and has a super dooper perfectly fitting to your size waistband, that covers the range from 19-25" (or sizes 9months to girls size 12).

From there it's divided into three sizings; small, medium and large. Hidden increases throughout the skirt create a simple A-line shape.

The pattern also includes instructions for optional short row shaping to suit those little sticky out tums and bums that some toddlers have. They're also perfect for those in nappies, particularly cloth bums.

Lily's skirt is knit in MonsterKnits Blue Face Leicester DK, colourway 'Sock Monkey'.
Unfortunately, Kris is no longer dyeing yarn but there are some suggestions for other great yarns to use in the pattern.

Lily's skirt is a size 4 waist, knit to a size 6 length.

You can purchase the pattern via my Ravelry store; as part of the zig-zag ebook or just by itself.

Right now I'm working on the adult version of this skirt for me. Wanna see a sneak peak???

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