Sunday, March 13, 2011

the year of the sweater

This year is already quickly becoming the year of the sweater.

I started the year frantically knitting dishcloths and now have a lovely stash for pressies and for us, of about 12.

Apart from that it has purely been sweater knitting, which is such an American word but here in Australia we don't really have a word that covers both cardigans and jumpers, so sweater it is.

Here it is almost halfway through March and to date I have finished eight sweaters, yes eight!!! Granted, one was a doll's cardigan but I'm still counting that. AND I have another three on the needles!

So far I've finished;

an Olearia

a Baby Surprise Jacket

a school cardie

a February Baby Jacket

a Poppy

two versions of a new design I will blog about soon (so no photos today)

and something for Toby, which is what I'm going to share this post.

This gorgeous little jumper is a test knit for a fabulous New Zealand designer, Sara
h Wright. It's called Matariki and was a complete pleasure to knit!

It's knit topdown and seamlessly in dk weight yarn. I used Jo Sharp for this, the Silkroad Tweed DK for the green and white and the Classic for the blue. The photos don't capture it but the blue in the stranded work is an exact match for little nubs throughout the green.

I knit the 18 month size for Toby and just added some length so it will fit him through winter.

The pattern gives some excellent advice on working stranded knitting and would be a great stepping stone for anyone wanting to make the leap into stranded knitting. Some of the other testers had never tried stranded knitting before and they had no problem with this pattern and produced some awesome garments!

The pattern is sized from 18month to size 10 and is a definitely unisex.

You can find purchasing details for Matariki over on Ravelry HERE, so go on, go and check it out!

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  1. I love this pattern. Toby's one was the reason I bought it.

  2. Eight sweaters by March! Seriously, that is impressive. He looks like he really likes his new sweater too :)

  3. Your sweaters all look wonderful! I think Toby's sweater looks great in those colors, and Jo Sharp always has nice yarns. Cant wait to see the 2 others you have knit up as well.

  4. Toby's sweater looks great just wondering if you have any pictures of the back? Is it plain or does the patterned colourwork bit go right around?
    Cannot wait to see your new design!

  5. LOL Anne, shame that after he ran around the yard in it he asked to have it taken off!! It was 28 degrees though!!

    Thanks Sue, I so love the Jo Sharp tweeds. Every time I knit with them it reminds me I must do it more often.

    I'm not sure I do have any photos of the back, Michelle. The colourwork does go right around the back and is evenly balanced just like the front.

  6. your knits are gorgeous! how do you become a test knitter pray tell!

  7. Hi tikki - thanks for sharing your matariki jumper - I have a copy that mum is knitting for my girls but there is a bit we are stuck on. Mum is up to the part where it says 'cease neck increases and continue with raglan increases' however the pattern is identical to the previous rows where neck and raglan is increased. Do we increase just one side of the raglan each neck edge - can you please clarify this part of the pattern? THanks so much - sarah

  8. Sarah, I have to admit it's been so long since I knit this jumper I honestly can't remember!

    I would say, without refering to the pattnern that you just work the 8 increases that are situated along the raglan lines and not on the part that will be the neck/placket section, that bit just gets worked straight.

    Are you on Ravelry? If so I'd shoot a pm to the designer, she is very very lovely and will certainly clarify it.


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