Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday favourites

Right now I'm hanging out with my favourite little boy buddy while he plays with his favourite trains (my little party animal). I'm sipping my favourite wine watching my favourite genre on TV; Friday night British crime on ABC. Ok, maybe it's my second favourite genre after British comedy (Remember I'm a 'Withnail and I' fan!) but I do so like Friday night viewing.. oh and Saturday night now 'Spooks' is back!!! Love that show!!!!!!!!!  

A few posts ago I mentioned I was finishing, finishing off a couple of long-standing WIPs that were a bit more long-standing than they should be thanks to knitting dangerously.  They're both finished YAY!!! And I think I even managed to finish the required housework, which in itself is a little bit of a miracle.  (When can I justify a cleaner? And where will I find one who will only clean with vinegar and bi-carb? [herbal vinegars acceptable])

I mention this because the darwinia dress, the purple cotton one; Lily tells me is her favourite dress. It's the best thing I've ever made her!!! Such high praise that she wore it to kindy, not once but twice this week!!! And she only goes three days in the week!!!  I so love it when you get feedback like that!

Oh yes, it is possibly one of my favourites too!
And I love how it works both without a t-shirt and with one.

This dress was the first image that I envisaged in the Wildflowers collection; it was the ORIGINAL Olearia. But somehow it got relegated ( read it had to be frogged and reworked and so got thrown to the sin bin) while Olearia, Cassia and Acacia got worked out.

It still needs a bit of tinkering, which should be all fixed with the testing process. Gosh, I have a wonderful bunch of testers!!!

And tonight another one of my favourite things, the Mystery KAL had another clue added.  *eep*
I think I'm even more nervous and well prepared for the handholding some knitters will need through this step.

And remember, no photos until the next step goes up... speaking of clues, here's the calendar for the rest of the steps.

Step one:  Tuesday November 2nd
Step two:  Friday November 5th
Step three: Saturday November 13th (the 12th is Toby's 2nd birthday, so no clue that day)
Step four: Friday November 19th
Step five: Friday November 26th (no clue for Fratello)
Step six:  Friday December 3rd

ok, get knitting!!
then I can post some pics of what it should look like so far, and hopefully your garments all look something like mine.

P.S. you may find in this next step that you wish to move up to the 60cm circular to knit more comfortably.

and don't be scared off by the charts, they're just there for those freakish knitters who loooove charts. I'm sure you know the ones, hell, I might even be one of those chickadees.  Cables really are easy peasy, you're just putting a couple of stitches on another needle until you need them not scary!!!

I know people who are scared of cable but yet knit short rows on some of their first knitting projects. Short rows are tricky chickies, if you can do those, cables are a walk in the park. You know, I actually do walk in the park when I knit cables.

Round by round instructions for those of you who want to ignore the charts, should be clear and easy to follow. Both panel details are easy once you get into it...promise!!

oh gaaaaaaawd, I hope you're gonna like it!!!!


  1. Georgie, thank you, I am loving it. I love how you have made it incredibly interesting and how is isn't obvious in any way what it is going to be. Thank you.

  2. your miss looks like she is doing a similar sort of pose my girls do when I say "show me the dress" LOL!

    its goergeous and I can see why its her fav!

    Its such a buzz when they love what you make! I made shorts for my 7yo birthday and he ran down saying he loves them... my heart skipped a beat!

  3. yay! I'm looking forward to it Georgie :)
    Probably will need some hand holding!

  4. That dress is gorgeous.

    I dip in and out of Spooks. Sometimes it just gets too gruesome I can't take it. Not so bad the latest series but I can't forgive them for killing off Hermione Norris. SHe was great.

    Have you tried New Tricks? A mixture of crime and nice touches of comedy too.

  5. I'm loving this MKAL! I have finished step 2 of Fratello and am just waiting on another set of needles so I can start Sorello - so much fun (and learning some new techniques too)!

  6. oh what a SWEET dress... beautiful...


  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy today :) I was just checking the clue calendar and saw you were having a celebration!


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