Monday, November 22, 2010

At my house

At my house the little milo boy and I have new shoes.

A visit to one of LYSs yesterday with a friend yielded some new shoes, as expected. I had my eye on these spotty ones from my last visit but when I spied the perfect green in the little boat shoes, it was love!

Both shoes come from Walnut Melbourne. Awesome little shoes at a hard to beat price.

Mine actually came from the kiddie section; the joys of little feet!

At my house..

the glorious weather has arrived, typically the day after our friend from the warmer climes left. It was a perfect 27 degrees here today. I love the peace that seems to surround our house on these days. Our neighborhood seems so peaceful, calm and quiet today; so at odds with the craziness that hits each weekend in our seaside town.

At my house we've enjoyed some indoor painting today. Lily is currently making paint butterflies. Toby experimented with the paint stamps.

I learnt not to leave a two year old to eat his yoghurt in the same room as he has been painting... I was pretty sure I hadn't served up strawberry yoghurt. hmmm....

Today at my house...

I was totally torn between sewing and knitting this afternoon.

Instead, I chose to play trains with Toby.

This is one of those games that in our house, both adults clamor to be the playmate for. I love train sets, and together Toby and I wiped up an awesome track.

What's happening AT your house today?

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  1. awesome, we kitted, had a friend and her kids over for a play, knitted some more, (finishing a little rainbow dress for a dolly, hehe) would have been splendid if it wasn't for the 3.5 year old tantrums :(

  2. *squeal, love the shoes actually both of them...polka dots are the best. I have super small kiddie feet too LOL

  3. Love the polka dot shoes - very sweet. The strawberry yoghurt made me giggle.

  4. such cute shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adorable, you lucky thiing!


  5. I want your shoes ! Trains are such fun too .

  6. ahaha i love having little feet too :D

  7. Great shoes. A very nice find. Some benefits to having small feet!

    The strawberry yoghurt also gave me a bit of a chuckle - nice :)

    Always a tricky balance between out activities and those of the children - hope you fit in some knitting another time.

    Lovely to visit your house. Lou

  8. Trains are an ongoing thing at our place. We took the track down today, but Zeb will beg to do another set-up tomorrow! :)
    (we love Walnut!)

  9. I love what you said about the peace surrounding your house in warm weather. Its so cold here in the UK at the moment that feeling is a distant memory (I'm also from a seaside town originally so I can doubly relate!)

    Hope you and your family enjoyed the trains :)


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