Wednesday, November 17, 2010

and we have a two year old..

In a strange twist of fate, or even synchronicity on the morning of November 12th I found myself in a similar situation to what I was two years ago exactly; immersed in water.  

The difference; two years ago, I was relaxing away in a very very deep birthpool bathed in glorious dim light listening to my relaxing birthing music. Doting husband attending to my every need and whim. 

Last Friday, I was knee to waist deep in chlorinated heated water doing the one step behind the toddler in the swimming pool thing. Fearless, he is.  Last week he decided he was going to tackle the waterslide, I've always kept him away from it. Soon he was going down head first giggling away. This week he watched an older boy run and dive down it. ahum, yep... so he tried that too.  
A true water baby.

I'm not sure whether you'll believe it or not, but the first scenario was far more relaxing and possibly less exhausting!  Seriously!  

And so it really and truly is two years, since our surprisingly large little bundle of boy became a part of our little family.

Oh how, I so dearly dearly love him. 
How much he makes me laugh and smile and melt at least a million times a day. 
He is so polite and cheeky and devilishly delightful all at the same time.

Today he kept insisting, "Mummy rest!"
Which of course, is near on impossible with his mischief making.

He interrupts his sister's games to steal something from her and runs off giggling away, 
as the great chase begins.
He lies down flat on the floor, as if to hide, 
if he thinks he is in trouble.
He helps himself to whatever he thinks he wants or needs.
He likes to tackle the vacuuming and sweeping, 
or try to get in or jump on the bed when I'm making it.

He giggles, he grins, he gabbles ... incessantly.
He takes the piss out of his father, 
blames him for his farts!
He tells the best knock knock jokes... well, for his age.

He gives the best "cuggles" and "kiss".  
He is gloriously snuggly to sleep with.

He is crazily active and on-the-go, a mini-adventurer Andy in such a little body.
He loves to jump off everything, run, climb; 
you know, all those typical boy things.

He is a sweet tooth, loves his "cock-cock" (chocolate) 
and sometimes asks for it at breakfast time 
(I do say no).
He loves sushi, bananas, sultanas and honey toast.

He loves a bit of bling.
He loves to dress up ...
 in his sister's skirts and pretty dress-ups.
He loves her dolls.
He absolutely dotes on and worships her though.

He's still my little baby though.

He doesn't sleep much.. despite these photos.
He's a bit of a techno nerd... loves to push all the buttons and try and get things to go.
 loves Peter (the computer), the iPad and the iPhone, 
wanted his own iPad for his birthday. 
(He got a trike, a dumptruck and some lego instead)

He is crazily obsessed with penguins, all of whom are called "Happy Shit" (Happy Feet) 
And he's totally fascinated by "The Gruffalo".
He also loves his toy Tassie Devil who is called Puppy and Emo the Emu.

Gosh, how much he's grown in those two years. 
What a wonderful wonderful two years it has been.

my gorgeous little Toby Milo.



  1. Happy 2nd birthday lovely boy! Happy birthing day to you too, tikki :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful blog entry, and what a precious wee fellow. Happy Birthday Toby and well done Georgie and Andy! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Toby Milo! Gorgeous blog post!!

  4. Wow, congratulations, he is so gorgeous. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. I remember when you were knitting with him in a sling.

    I thought I would take a page out of your book and try the size 0 bathers I am making on my 8 month old baby boy to check the size. I also thought I might put something pretty in his hair and take some shots for etsy.

    LOve your stuff, still yet to knit something though, way to busy at the moment. I think its so inspiring that you are doing so well selling your patterns :-)

  5. oh he is so gorgeous! too cute for words and love what he calls chocolate! 2 is such a cuuuute age.

    good to know other little boys who love to dress up on their big sisters dress up!


  6. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Toby! He sounds like a fantastic little boy, full of curiosity and wonder!

  7. oh my Tobias, what a gorgeous boy you are:) Beautifully written Tik. Love his partywear too;) big kisses to the little dude xxxxxx from each of us oooooo

  8. thats beautiful post, and what a handsome young man he is now :)

  9. What a beautiful post and stunning photos of your wee boy.

  10. Lovely, lovely to read and see :)
    Happy Birthday Li'l one.

  11. This is a beautiful post Georgie. Happy Birthday to Toby!
    I'm sure he had a wonderful day. :)


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