Saturday, June 05, 2010

winter pants at last!!!

Seriously, how long does it take to make a couple of pairs of denim pants?  

Well, at my current rate; at least one month. No joke...

As I've mentioned before, I don't approach sewing with a "whip it up"attitude, I am fastidious and patient, and it does take time to ensure everything is properly and neatly finished.  I am particularly fastidious when pressing hems and waistbands, measuring and pressing and pinning.  I like things to be as well done as possible. I take pride in my finished garments.  I love it when people comment on how professionally finished my garments are, that they're better than bought ones. So yep, I sew slowly.

And that probably also explains why I'm not selling sewn garments at the moment.  

Even so, a month is a bit ridiculous... these have taken so long that Lily has had a growth spurt since I cut them out and has probably grown an inch!   

But now they're finished!! Hooray!!! 

And passed the test of the playground this morning.  Lily's are a straight leg pair, which is a newish cut for me. The last pair I made her where straight leg. These aren't quite as fitted as the last pair, which is perfect for kindy.

Toby's are my classic wideleg pants, perfectly suited to his cute little cloth butt. He loved them so much he gave them a cuddle this morning. awww.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much I love locally printed fabrics from our wonderful indy designers, I've made quite a few pants from their fabrics now. You might remember these and these or even these (which are still favs now as cropped pants).  Such beautiful fabrics and the contrast with the denim really sing for me.  

The fabric for these new pairs comes from the talented girls at Ink and Spindle. 

The denim is some of that scrummy organic stuff I've been rattling on about for quite some time. I've had a few emails about where I get it from. It comes from OrganicFabricOnline , a terrific little local business sourcing some awesome organic fabrics.  Jay is super lovely to deal with, and I doubt I'll buy anything but this stuff now! It has a beautiful handle.  

and if you're reading this Megs, yep, they're finished too and on their way to you ;) elastic finally in!!!


  1. So nice to see children in warm handmade clothing. The look really co+mfortable and unique too

  2. They look great! Especially loving the contrast pockets.

  3. Do you make your own pattern or is it one I can already get my hands on. I have 2 daughters and a son and would love to make some of these. Would you consider doing a tutorial or selling the pattern???? I just love them!!!

  4. I love the straight legs Tik!!! Of course, your normal wide legs are still my fave but the straight legs are so gorgeous :)
    Very OTT here, but what shoes are Lily wearing? They are mega cute!

  5. your clothes are always so fab!

    (maybe add a false hem to make Lilys longer if they are too short?)

  6. MonetPaisley, it is my own pattern. And No, I don't sell it. They are actually two quite different cuts of pants, it's really the pretty fabric that makes them stand out. ;)

    LOL Ying, trust me you DO NOT want to know what the shoes are. I read your thread about saving money. tehehe Let's just say some people don't spend that much on adult shoes *oops* but yes they are super stunning and no scuff marks even though she wears them every day!!

    Carolyn, Lily's are fine :) As you can see from the pics they are folded up. You may be getting confused with the old pair I mentioned which are too short, well, they are 3/4 length so no false hem is going to save them!!!

  7. LOL Tik, too true. But I'm intrigued now! They don't look like Chook Leaf though...hmm...putting my guessing hat on.


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