Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a tale of two milos

Did you knit along with my pattern KAL over at Tangled Yarns ?

It was a heap of fun, and there were some awesome Rainbow Dresses and milos knit up. It was lovely to see them all appearing in some of the gorgeous yarns Kelly stocks. Did you see the cute little milo Kelly  knit up in the Jo Sharp for her little one? Or the gorgeous Rainbow Dress Kylie knit in the Biggan Designs yarn?

I have a little confession to make... 

The original milo boy, Toby, did not have a milo vest that fit him. The only one I've ever knit him was the one he appears in on the pattern, the original milo vest I knit 12 months ago and that I wasn't even sure I liked ... so it actually took me about a month before I tried it on him. Then I did change my mind ;)  Anyway, he didn't have one.  Both my gorgeous little nephews have one, but not my own son.  And Lily has three Rainbow dresses. 

So I decided I would join in the KAL and knit him one. Kelly has some a gorgeous array of yarn it took me a little while to decide which colour to choose.  Just as I chose the asparagus colour from the Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK range, something terribly disturbing happened.  I looked at the project count for milo on Ravelry. 

It was 666. *gulp* 

I immediately cast on to ward away any bad luck.

I cast on in some Jo Sharp classic in the oak colourway. I've knitted both myself a vest and my nephew Asher a milo in this yarn. It is perfect for the owl version of the milo. So I got knitting....

But you know what?

Waaah!!! This project was surely cursed!!! 
According to my stash data I had 2.2 skeins (110 grams) or 235 yards of this yarn left. That is enough to do a 12 month milo easily……. 
BUT I ran out of yarn!!! Just really had enough to finish the body and not do the garter hem. So I finished the body a couple of cm short and worked a cm garter hem, which will no doubt roll and made this too short by far. waaa waaaa waaa

and you know what? 
weighing it I only had 87g!!! 
I kept this yarn all together, so I’m not sure why the discrepancy. I can understand 5 or so grams, maybe 10 at a push lost to ends from the first garment but that’s over 20g??? 
Is it possible the balls weren’t all 50g to begin with?
I will frog it and knit a smaller size for gifting, it looks so cute in the owls in this colourway.

Thank goodness my beautiful yarn arrived so very quickly and I could cast on a new milo. And the two balls of the SIlkroad Tweed DK was absolutely plenty for a 12 month size with 18 month length.  I actually had half a ball leftover!

so now the milo boy has a wearable milo!!! YAY!! I might knit him another this winter yet.


  1. That's gorgeous Tik, I love the colour, it looks just fabulous on him. Looking at your Toby with his beautiful hair makes me wish we hadn't just given Tim a #4! But has Toby had a fringe trim, very cute!

  2. Looks great on him and love the expession on his face with the sculptures in your Mum's gaden.

    Thanks for linking me too:) Love the Rainbow dress pattern and getting many many comments on it.

  3. What a perfect Milo for your son. It will get lots of use in winter for sure. I cant believe what bad luck you had with the first one, it obviously wasnt destined to become an item for your son to wear.

  4. Cute Milo, I'll bet that for winter is very warm. Thanks for sharing, and you have a beautiful son by the way, mine is due to December, so I can not wait to have him or her in my arms.
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