Thursday, April 15, 2010

creative space

eek!! I suspect this might be my first creative space for the year. How has that happened? Thursday is supposed to be an easier day for me with the Rainbow girl at kindy until two.  But it seems not...  Today I noticed Megsie's post i n my sidebar and decided it was about time I got back on board.

Today I had ACTUALLY planned a bit of a sewing afternoon, I've been busting to sew for awhile and had decided that today when Milo Boy went down for his sleep it would be the day. But noooo, alas. The Rainbow Girl is sick with a "heavy cold" and is thus home from kindy for the day; which she is none too pleased about I can tell you!! 

So instead of sewing, it's been paper dolls, making pikelets, barbies and some extra snuggles and cuddles.  I tried to sneak off to the craft room while she was preoccupied with some books but she soon found me and happily decided what  I would be sewing. Really should get started on it now, but there is that basket of washing that needs hanging out now it's lovely again outside. 

What I did pop in to mention, however, was a very special stocking over at Gossamer Dreams , the last one for awhile!!! I was pretty stoked to be invited to be a guest WAHM again, along with Megsie.  

Time was apressing with Lily's birthday party, Easter and Andy away filming for a week and a bit, but I did manage to get this done.

It's a little 12 month size shrug knit in the deliciously soft WOOLganics Organic Merino 8 ply. This is knit from my new pattern, Olearia, which is due out May 1st.

I wasn't going to mention that the little toddler in the photo was Toby, but .... it seems Megsie already did.

I didn't think he looked too much like a boy in these photos, personally. I thought I may have got away with it, seen as I'd gone to the effort of actually putting him in a pretty matching dress and all.  I tried to get some camera angles that were not of his face profile so he looked a bit girlier and thought no one would really notice.  But noooo...

Why is it that my little boy has always looked like such a toddler, he lost his baby looks so early *sob sob* but in this little girly outfit, he looks like such a baby?? What is that!?

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  1. i thought it was a little girl!
    my 2.5 yr old came past just now and said "that look like me" mind you, he doesn't have blonde hair :)

  2. Oh, he's just adorable whatever!
    Sweet little pattern too. :)

  3. The cardi is lovely. I think you would have gotten away with the model...

  4. Thank you for joining us again Tikki - if that cardy was K's size it would have been mine!!

    And I didn't even notice it was Toby.

    I hope you get some of that sewing done, maybe it's time for a SAL? K needs some new clothes too!

  5. That cardigan is sweet. Love your designs.

  6. He is absolutely gorgeous - a divine little person. I don't think it matters however you describe or dress him :)

  7. Oh thats a gorgeous shrug - my Lainey would love it!!!


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