Monday, April 12, 2010


Remember this little guy?
And my struggling and procrastination to find a name for the pattern?

guess what?

It's FINALLY up for sale!!! Yay!! I'm not sure why it takes me so long, perhaps all that name procrastination has something to do with it!!

but anyway, it is up for sale.

Wanna know some details:


the pattern is call eden
but it has two versions; eden's adam and eden's eve.

Eden's adam is a singlet/vest version.
Eden's eve is a dress version.
I love them both and am really happy with their development.

Both share the same starting point in the pattern and are knit on 3.25mm needles and 4mm needles.
The pattern is primarily written for cotton or cotton blend yarns and the beauty of this pattern (I think) is that you can actually knit the garment in either 4ply, 5ply, 8ply or 10 ply yarn for the same sizing.   It is also suitable for wool, but I would recommend the 4, 5 or 8ply for that for a suitable end fabric.

I've knit all weights and love them all, I must say.

The pattern also comes with a palette of ideas at the end on how you can individualise your own eden, think stripe ideas, pockets, embellishment, hemlines.

So first of all big thanks to all my wonderful test knitters who have been such a support throughout what has been an overly long process;  Shannon, Tanja, Julia, Kym, Sheryl, Ali, Kelly, Rachael, Kath, Donna, Kimley, Kate and Fiona.

Another big thanks to Bernie for coming up with the great name! Thank you Bernie!!!

Oh, of course if you wish to purchase the pattern and hang out on Ravelry you can find it over there;
eden  or here for $AUD 7

If you don't have paypal, and have an Australian bank account you can email me at for direct deposit details and I can email you out the pattern.

Now however, it's time for another  competition!!!!

As part of this competition, I'm inviting you to join me in a little Knit-A-Long of my new pattern, eden.

One of the ideas behind, eden was to supply a base garment for knitters to get creative with and individualise.  So the idea of this competition is to get creative with your eden knit.

You can enter by either emailing me a photo of your knit, (either dress, singlet or vest) or a link to a blog/flickr/photobucket post with your knit or by uploading your photos to your Rav project page and linking to the eden patterns and including the comment  tikki KAL knit 

Entries close: April 30

Prize: a parcel of yarny type goodies including a copy of my next pattern due for release on May 1
(more details of this to come this week) 

I'll be knitting along too, so if you have any questions drop into the Rav group where there will be a little discussion along with the KAL and I can answer any questions there about yarn choices, techniques, instructions, what my children ate for lunch, etc.

I'll be knitting along with some of the new Debbie Bliss eco baby which is a perfect yarn for this garment. My yarn comes compliments of tangled yarns


  1. Oh this is a great name and I will buy it and knit along! Yippee!

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  3. nice way to get your creations! thank you for showing such beautiful pictures! oh and these babies are very tender! bye
    pets carriers.


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