Friday, March 19, 2010

can you tell I'm having a hard time deciding on this?

yep, you guessed it, I STILL have not decided on a name for my new pattern!!!

The good news is the short list is down to two, or three, if simplicity is to still be in the running.

I've tried to get some other people to make the decision for me, but the two different people I asked had completely the opposite responses; one love what the other hated!!

What do you think? Should I just go with simplicity and bugger the fact that it can't be magic linked easily on Ravelry??  I mean, there is knitting beyond Rav after all!!

*I did hear those gasps*

ETA: sorry, I should say the other contenders are :

caboodle  (as in the whole kit and caboodle)


eden  ( I was thinking of then listing the vest singlet as eden's adam and the dress as eden's eve)

anyhoo, i have decided that regardless of the name I decide on the two people who suggested those two names are the winners!!

so that would be Julia and berniebabe. congratulations ladies!!! I shall be in touch shortly :D


  1. Hey Tikki, sounds like a difficult dilemma, why don't you let us know of the two contenders and let a vote decide. Maybe that could help.
    Good luck with the final decision.

  2. To be honest, I love the name Simplicity and I think I'll always think of this pattern as that. It fits the pattern - simple, yet stylish and effective. Says it all really. :)

  3. simplicity kind of reminds me of the sewing patterns by same name. What were the other contenders?

  4. Why not call it Kids/Childs/Mini Simplicity? .. then you have the name you wanted + an easy magic linking name on rav?

    Good luck sounds like a tough decision - would be interested to know what the other names are too :)

  5. I've added the other contenders now :)

    Simplicity is so perfect, but yep as a sewer I do think of the simplicity patterns.

  6. I really like simplicity too - is there another way you could spell it? (I remember a couple of comments with alternatives I think?)

    Good luck making a decision!

  7. I love the name Eden - Simplicity reminds me of the pattern company lol!! Eden brings to mind the start of something wonderful - well mostly anyways *wink*

    Congratulations to the clever chickies with both of the names on your short list.

  8. Eden's Simplicity? ;-)
    I love Eden, actually, and the male and female version...

  9. (btw I love all your patterns, and I still haven't given up on the Milo dress LOL)

  10. As much as I love Simplicity, I do think perhaps it's overused on Rav :(

    I think even if you called this pattern 'dogsbreath' it would be a hit - and it wouldn't take long for people to get used to it being xyz rather than Simplicity

  11. Congrats ladies. For what it's worth I like Eden :)

  12. Ooohh yay how exciting to be on the short list to be naming one of your stunning patterns.

    Tough choice cause they all are great names :D

  13. I like 'Eden' with the adam and eve reference... cute!
    WHAT!!! knitting beyond Rav? oh! you kill me lol

  14. definately Eden - Adam & Eve - is perfect!

  15. Simplicity followed by Eden and man does Lily look good in that orange!!

  16. I like Eden's Adam and Eden's Eve. Can't wait to get my hands in it actually. I love your patterns, they make this beginner knitter look like she knows what she's doing ;)

  17. think Simplicity suits the pattern totally, ut love the sound of Eden and it goes really with the type of names your other patterns have though. No help there hey! LOL

    What about SimpliciTikki? It still has the impression of Simplicity but has your spin on it ;)

  18. SIMPLEden? ie Simple+Eden? Then you could have SIMPLEden Eve and SIMPLEden Adam if you still wanted to.

    Caboodle... I can't think what but it rings a bell for something.

    Good luck - I am not one for making decisions easily either LOL

  19. Such a cute pattern and the tanks have been shown off beautifully in these photos. Gorgeous kids btw.

  20. I know this is an old post, but I'm hoping you'll still get this comment! I am in love with this pattern (just purchased it!) and the orange/yellow colorway you used in this post is just devine - would you mind sharing the brand and colorway name? Many thanks!

  21. I did get it!!!
    Luckily I have posts older than 30 days set so the comments go to moderation (eventually I see them).

    The yarn in Anchor Magicline, and the colour number is 1404.

    You used to be able to pick up Magicline at Spotlight, but now it's quite hard to find. You may be able to get some in a destash on Ravelry.

    Here's the link to my project on Rav:


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