Tuesday, March 02, 2010

about time ....

Competition time, that is!!!

It really is well and truly overdue!! It seems like ages since I had a giveaway or competition.  Just last week, or was it the week before?, I was lucky enough to win a blog competition over at earthgirlfabrics. Annabel had an awesome giveaway on her blog, one metre of fabric from Patty Young's Flora and Fauna range AND a modkid pattern of choice. I think this is the first blog comp I have ever won. It was really very exciting, and sort of funny, because I really really wanted one of these doll patterns, and it was one of those moments when you sort of know you're going to win. A little bit deja vu but in reverse. Does anyone else get that experience?  Or is it just freaky me?

Anyway, good karma needs to be returned so my competition details go a little something like this....

I've been rabbiting on about a new pattern that's due for release very shortly, said pattern has been called simplicity during the testing phase. It's a name I quite like and it sums up the garment quite well as it is simple is shape and design; the pattern just has a few little styling quirks to make it unique;)  My last two posts have had pics of it, and here's a few more to add to the collection.

Toby again, sporting an 8ply cotton version in singlet form.

I really like the name Simplicity but there are quite a few patterns called simplicity. This can be tricky if you're searching the Rav database for a pattern with that name or you want to magic link to the pattern. But it is a good name.

So to enter this competition you need to suggest a name for this pattern.

A few details about the pattern:

It is both simple in shape and design. It is a quick and easy knit suitable for any skill level, simple enough for beginners but the pattern also contains a few unique little techniques and tips to ensure a neat finishing to the garment and maintain the interest of the more experienced knitter.

It can be knit as a 4ply singlet, 8ply singlet or 10 ply vest in pretty much any yarn type. It can also be knit as a dress!!

One of the fundamental ideas of the garment is that it is to be used as a blank canvas for the knitter to explore their own creativity. The pattern comes with a palette of different options to encourage the knitter to experiment and try something a little different with the blank canvas; lace, picots, stripes, colourwork, embellishments, reverse stitching imagery and pockets.

It's sized from newborn to size 10 and I think is quite a fun knit. The testers seem to have enjoyed it too! :D

i'll add some more pics of the variations in the next week ;)

What I'm after is a name for this pattern.  I've toyed with something that plays on the idea of a canvas and a palette, artists names, I even considered Melbourne as the garment is as changeable as Melbourne's weather!!!  So suggest me a good name please! If I choose your suggestion you win! If I don't choose any of the suggestions and stick with simplicity, I shall hand over everyone's entry to the random generator to draw a winner.

The prize:
A pattern pack comprising:
* A printed copy of the new pattern and if you choose the name for the pattern you shall get credited in the pattern. If you're on Rav I shall also send you a pdf version, heck, if you're not I can email you a pdf version too.
* up to 200g of yarn to knit up a little garment of your own. I shall select the yarn, colour and type based on the winner and their likes/dislikes.
* some spesh stitch markers perfect for the project.
* A little sewn project bag to keep it all in.

Can't knit or can't be fagged?
I will knit it for you, up to a size 5 singlet/vest version.

Entries close:
Tuesday March 9th midnight AEDST

so get your thinking caps on ;)

pretty please


  1. Ooh how fun--I've never entered a blog contest before but inspiration has struck. So I offer up "Elementary". Only one other pattern in the Rav database came up with a search, and I think it combines the idea of it being simple with the idea of combining "elements" from a palette of choices.

    There's my pitch at any rate LOL

  2. How about camillion, the idea being that each top will be different for ever changing as each person makes it there own.

  3. Lovely design.. great easy knit, from the looks of it. Looks like something I'd knit in a weekend. So how about "Weekend vest"? The shape also reminds me a little of a milk bottle.. so maybe "milk bottle vest" or "milk bottle top"?

  4. A few ideas, am I allowed more than one??

    but I do like simlicity :)

  5. My vote is for "Simplistic"

    definition means :

    1 : simple
    2 : of, relating to, or characterized by simplism : oversimple

    — sim·plis·ti·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

  6. I'm sure I'll be back with lots of random names, but something that sprang to mind was 'The Kit' (short and sweet). Kind of like the pattern has lots of ideas that you just have to pop together to make something different and special.

    Kit when you define it comes up with things like:
    a. A set of articles or implements used for a specific purpose: a survival kit; a shaving kit.
    b. A container for such a set.
    2. A set of parts or materials to be assembled: a model airplane kit.
    3. A packaged set of related materials: a sales kit.
    a. A collection of clothing and other personal effects used for travel.
    b. A container, such as a bag, valise, or knapsack, for storing or holding such a collection.

    It also mentioned the saying 'the whole kit and caboodle' and as a test knitter, I think this pattern sure encompasses that.

    Sorry! That's a long comment!

  7. Stupid ravelry with all it's patterns with 'kit' on the end, I thought that was pure genius :} anywho, for the same reasoning, I like something like 'tool box'. Cool little vest/dress for helping in the garage too, as well as the pattern being like one.

  8. I love the new pattern! would love to win..

    My entries are "Lucid" for comphrendable, understandable thought and it has a dreamlike feel to it to me..

    and I also love "Vanilla"- a simple base flavour, but not boring or bland..and I think I'd be licking my lips while I was knitting it!!

    Gorgeous work as always..good luck everyone!

  9. I love the name Simplicity but if you would like another suggestion what about "Sunny". Nice and bright and makes you happy!

  10. "Carte Blanche"? To me it is the epitome of what you've described of the pattern - you're giving knitters a blank cheque (canvas) on which they can explore their own creativity.
    Nothing comes up on a Ravelry search either :)

  11. What a great idea for a competition, oh how I would love to win, Tessa would love a little vest for winter, with maybe some lace. Ok for the name how about 'Pandora' or 'Pandora's idea' or something like that. Because this lovely pattern could turn into anything you want and be full of surprises.

  12. for some reason "Pollination" / "Germination" came to mind as it requires input to grow from the seed of the pattern

    (in writting that i love "Seed" aswell)

    Or "Electron" as in a singlet is a chemical bond consisting of one electron.

    Congrats on the new Pattern and thanks for the competiton :) - I love your designs!

  13. I like "Alpha" or "First Step" to put emphasis on the new beginning feel of the design.

  14. My suggestion is 'Infinite Simplicity'. Can't find it on Rav too, which is a bonus :)

  15. Ok, so some ideas from me

    "Pellucidness", meaning clear in meaning, expression, or style

    "Lucidity", meaning
    easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible

    "Austerity", meaning austere quality & severely simple

  16. I do love simplicity but my suggestion is "eden".

    For both Adam and Eve. Very simple and beautiful. But you could be tempted by the apple and see what else you could turn this simple vest into.

  17. I would like to offer the name of "Animus" as it is a synomyn of inspiration.

    There is also no patterns listed on Ravelry of that name.

    It's a nice pattern Georgie.

  18. I have a suggestion and I so can't wait for this pattern to come out. I can see many 4ply wool ones in my future.
    My suggestion is "Cinch" as in a cinch to make.

  19. I like all the suggestions but I was thinking something like 'embellish me'

  20. Congrats on your win! Perfection!
    Now, hows about:
    Sincerity, I can't see this one in Rav

    Or you could change the spelling to Symplicite...

  21. how bout 'Simpknitty'
    love the pattern by the way, hurry up and relise it already ;)

  22. I was looking at your other patterns and saw Milo which made me think of an old kids movie about a cat and dog "Milo and Otis" but I am not sure Otis does it justice.
    Need to keep thinking perhaps!

  23. Okay, here is my entry: "Versatilis".
    It's the origin (Latin?) of the word versatile which defined means:
    1. Capable of doing many things competently;
    2. Having varied uses or serving many functions;
    3. Variable or inconstant; changeable
    I thought it would suit the design perfectly.
    Have fun choosing. There are some great suggestions being posted.

  24. hmmm what about Transform or Evolve? As you can transform it into what you would like it to be.

    Oh and VERY gorgeous by the way! Especially in real life! ;)

  25. Pity I hate things that are mispelt

    I was think how it's become known already as simlpicity, and then thought about simplistik.

    See, the tik on the end for you :)

    But then I am someone that goes 'blergh' at things being spelt differently from how they should be.

    I also wondered about 'Oyster'

  26. oh what fun! Thanks Tikki.

    How about "find your creativity vest"

  27. I'm not entering tik so I'm not gonna offer any suggestions, although one day I would of course love you to knit one of my children a version;). I just wanted to say OMG how much does Toby look like his dad in that first shot! Bloody crazy tik! Love the lil version, the dress is gorgeous, it matches a scarf you knitted me many eons ago.

    love this new design, you're a machine girl!

  28. Oh i am racking my brains on this one...stay tuned - great design by the way...very inspiring :)

  29. My suggestions are in another language, but more local for you.
    I love Elandra!! Doesn't sound girly or boyish.

    Barwon - magpie/wide river
    Arilla - dancing ground
    Dorak - lively
    Elanora/Elandra - a home by the sea
    Karinya - peaceful place
    Kurrin - sand
    Moonya - home
    Ponto - little brother
    Puku - child
    Tirrike - laughter/joy
    Tulang - heart
    Wambiri - sea coast

  30. A vest with versatility - Vestatility!

  31. Told you I'd be spamming you...embarassing

    Oyster as mentioned before as it's a shell, but when you open it up there's a delectable treat (if you like them) inside, with the possibilty of a real pearl

  32. Canvas! Thats great! It will be wonderful for adding pattrns and designs. I can't get over how big he's gotten!

  33. Oh.. just thought of another.. Tikki Tank?

  34. A few suestions;
    Child's Play

  35. wow LOTS of awesome suggestions! Can't believe how big Toby is getting, what a spunk!!

  36. -Creativity

    -Think Tank


    -Some sort of combination of Simplicity and Singlet, such Simplet

    -Tikki Tour - a play on the kiwi term tiki tour which means to take the scenic route or roundabout way to get somewhere, which I think appropriate given your description of the pattern, because you can start off not knowing exactly where you're going and take an interesting or unpredictable route to the final product.

  37. I for one and looking forward to this being on the market:)

    Simply Toby

    Thought of just Toby - but there are two pages worth. Humm and it as to b a unisex name!

    How about the french version?
    Just an idea as we have just had the winter olympics and most of Canada can speak it?

  38. Well, I like that your patterns are so dependable, so with that in mind I have chosed two names : 'Steadfast' and 'Faithful'

    I hope you like them too.

  39. 'child's play' is a sweet play on the word simple and I think is very fitting for the little people it is designed for :-)

  40. Just seen someone else had same suggestion as me, so my other suggestion is 'sweetpea'.

  41. simply divine vest
    or simply wonderful

  42. The first thing I thought of was 'Harmony' or 'Harmonious' because of the H-shape of the neckline, and simple shape that will go with anything.

    Or metamorphosis, because it starts out as one thing & you can completely transform it.

  43. I like clarity!

    gorgeous pattern Tikki cant wait for the release!!!

  44. I was going to suggest "Pure and simple" but then I thought you might not wanting it sounding like a pattern that you need to whip up a batch of bickies lol. So how about "Purely and simply"?

  45. Wow.

    You are going to have such a mission working out a winner!

    I really love quite a few of the suggestions above... my favourites being "seed", "sprout" and "clarity". Some people are sooo clever in coming up with inventive names and some of the other names are pure genious!

    I'm going to suggest...

    ~~ Moon Child ~~

    I love The Neverending Story :)

    Ruth xx

  46. I thought about canvas before I read your suggestion of the same - how about "painting" - kind of the same thought behind it, and I can`t see any patterns with the name in Ravelry.

    Cute pattern - I am very likely to try it. I believe I have made 7-8 Milos by now - love the pattern!

  47. Adornment.

    Looks lovely Tikki, great work.

  48. ok haveing a shot here with

    " Simquickity"

    It's simple and it's quick - it's simquickity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. So it's a singlet, it's a vest, it's a dress. It's all things, to all knitters using all yarns.

    It's "ubiquitous".

    Alternatively, it's "essential".


  50. Very nice little pattern!
    A couple of suggestions for name (I've not read through many of the others so hope I'm not duplicating)

    The Dawn of Time,
    Breeze, because of it's look, and because it should be a breeze to knit!

    Nicci (niccijt in Rav)

  51. You might have had these already. I tried to check but got a little brain fried ;)

    'Unity' - the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole
    'Innocence' - A very young child
    'Purity' - Freedom from sin or guilt; innocence;
    'Clarity' - free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
    'Infinate'- Having no boundaries or limits.
    or 'Infinately Simple'

    I googled the meanings for you as well :)

  52. Oh, I forgot to add, I checked them all out in Rav also, not a million patterns to choose from with those names ;)

  53. Ooo - what about:

    'Unique'. Did somebody already say that???

  54. I would call it
    "The Fantabulous Singlet/Top/Vest"
    substituting the last bit for whichever you want to sell it as..

    If its anything like any of your pattens Georgie, it will be Fantabulous... Easy to knit.. and super awesome to wear!

  55. Id call it the 'Sow' or the 'Den'.

  56. Hmmm...I thought Tabula Rasa - meaning blank slate.

    Or the Utility Tank.

    Or the other thing that springs to mind is the Useful Box from Playschool - oh how I wanted one of those!

    So what about the Really Useful Tank?

  57. Looks like another great pattern and I'll bet you'll have trouble finding a name as there's some great suggestions here!

    What about multiplicity?

    (only one other garment with multiplicity in its name)

  58. Lovely pattern, so versatile. can't wait til it's released!

    I thought of "Only You" inspired by the lyrics to the song by The Platters. As a tribute to our little ones that we knit all these gorgeous Tikki patterns for! Also as a tribute to the pattern itself for being the ultimate knit and inspiring our own creativity to truly make the finished object uniquely our own.

    Since it just popped into my head out of nowhere and I am not normally that creative in my thoughts! So maybe you will like it too. If not well I still think "simplicity" is a great name :-)

  59. I don't know if anyone has suggested this already but I like the "Embellish Singlet".

  60. So many suggestions!!!!

    Mine is

    "Jane" as in plain jane

  61. I was thinking about "Thoreau" or "Walden" to pay homage to the famous Thoreau quote: "Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify." Another good quote: "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let your affairs be as one, two, three and to a hundred or a thousand… We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without."
    Love the design and I can't wait to knit it up!

  62. i'm not very creative when it comes to thinking of names...

    I went & looked up the translation of simplicity in other languages. I quite like the Romanian translation of

    or on those lines, simplicitea.

    Neither showed up any patterns in rav.

  63. It looks like 'otis' to me.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  64. HI! Im a little new to the knitting world, but LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweet pattern. Congrats on your winnings and hope someday I can say the same!

    Here are my votes:

    Cake & Pie
    (Piece of Cake, Easy as Pie)


    Good luck on choosing! There are a lot of good ones!
    amanda dot werling at gmail dot com
    wheelz1922 on Ravelry

  65. What about ...."tanked"? Perfect I reckon tik...or maybe not lol Thought of it last night o the very long drive home

  66. first thing I thought of when i saw it was it was a beautiful foundation garment.

    so my suggestion is "foundation"

    lovely pattern G.... BTW!

  67. I really like that pattern, I would call it 'Sweet'.


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