Friday, January 22, 2010

A Yarn of Love

I don't want to say this too loud, just in case my husband hears me, but I really am a lucky girl.

I am lucky to have the special man in my life who is my soul mate, best friend and actually quite a handy man.

It's been a busy start to the year with a few family occasions.  The most exciting being a birthday, yep, mine!  I told Andy that all I wanted for my birthday this year was for him to make me a wooden swift.  Oh, and to bake me a birthday cake. In all the years we've been together he has NEVER made me a birthday cake, and in fact he admitted the last time he made a cake was in year 7 Home Economics. Obviously, I didn't hold much hope there.

He came through with the swift however, and did a fantastic job of it. He salvaged timber from his timber stash (woodworky type blokes have timber stashes, I have a fabric and yarn stash) and only needed to purchase some dowel and a wing nut.  The base of it is actually made from leftovers from our deck, native timber that was felled and milled by Andy and his dad, and then turned into the labour of love that is our deck.

He also surprised me with this fabulous vintage wooden bucket thingie which he bought at our local Japanese importers. He thought I could use it to keep wool in *bless him* I thought it might be useful to keep Toby in, actually.

I also got that cake I begged and harrassed for.  Lily help him to whip up a beautiful slow cooked chocolate cake which was topped off by an evening out at my favourite restaurant.

And while we're talking love, this little lily made a re-appearance looking a little worse for wear three years after it disappeared into the abyss that is Andy's shed. I knitted it as a gift for our seventh wedding anniversary. Bugger a jumper, beanie or socks; he got a knitted flower.


  1. hello tikki i love reading and following your blog... I love the japanese bucket mmm what i could do with a few of those!, containing children sounds like a good idea but perhaps contianing an ever growing stash would work too!

  2. Lucky you and well done Andy! I love that he is also realistic regarding the size of your stash as that is a pretty big bucket. It is maybe even big enough to fit all your WIPs in ;)

  3. Happy birthday. Great to have a handy hubby around the house isn't it.

  4. What a wonderful birthday present! I love that he made it for you, how clever of him. :)

  5. ok, at the risk of sounding really dumb, what is a swift? Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Oh lucky you to have a woodworky bloke!
    Sounds like a perfect day.

  7. mmm, the bucket does just fit most of my WIPs, which is what it is now housing LOL

    Beccasaurus, a swift is used to help wind wool from big skeins into balls you can knit with. It's quicker and easier than using someone else's arms or the back of a chair. You need to use it with a ball winder though.

  8. aww how sweet - he certainly sounds like a keeper! Happy birthday xx

  9. Oh yeah that Andy is a keeper FOR SURE! Handmade pressies are super spesh, as you know. Thank you for letting me try out the swift, saved alot of hours I reckon, and works a treat! Happy Birthday Tik!

  10. You've definitely got a winner there! Yarny things & chocolate cake - score! Love the pic of your little man too - adorable!

  11. From Andy (not tikki)

    I'm glad you liked your 'spinny thing' read swift. My fav part of the post was the pic of our little mate sitting in the bucket. I notice, despite all your poo-hooing, that it is now full of wool btw


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