Saturday, January 16, 2010

a new year, a new craft space

Well, not really new, just a fresh face actually.

I have a lovely little craft room full of light with a nice outlook onto our street and down onto the nature reserve but, to be honest, while functionalish it wasn't all that organised or pretty or inspiring.  A couple of days ago, I decided to move the internet connection from our dining area to the craft room. This involved moving the change table out of Lily's room into the garage (no, we're not changing nappies out there, we don't use it anymore. Toby is way too quick and mobile), a bookshelf from the craft room into Lily's room,  the little computer table into the craft room and the rocking chair into the living area.  While I was at it I swapped the 70s retro table from the craft room for a longer thinner wooden one from Andy's studio.  The upshot of all this moving around is that strangely, everything seems more spacious. that is despite two little rabbits working under my feet and creating a new playspace and game every time I cleared a space.

While I was resetting up my craft space, I decided to pretty it up a bit and try and keep it a little more organised and easier to work in.  It's a great space now, equally good for either sewing, writing, knitting or pattern designing.  There's room for the kiddies to play on the floor, relatively safe stuff for Toby to climb up *roll eyes* and even space at the end of my big table for Lil to pull up a chair and work with me when Toby is sleeping. Perfect.

I hope it all stays so lovely and neat and organised, as at the moment I'm itching to get into some creating and crank up the machines.  I just have to sort and organise one more basket of stuff.

Oh, and you may have just spied some lovely yarn in one of those photos.

This is some gorgeous, yet to be released yarn that I am lucky enough to have a sneak preview of. Lucky indeed, because I think this stuff is going to go fast!  It's Gradient Splits from the gorgeous Shannon at Crafty Desires .  The gradients in the two smaller balls are perfectly matched yard for yard. She's a clever chicky, huh. These are just perfect for longies, body with the larger ball and legs with the two smaller ones.  I'm dreaming up something special for these little ones. In the meantime, they shall serve their purpose for petting. Did I mention how soft this stuff is? It is.

back soon with tonnes of recent crafty goodness.


  1. Looks perfect and so bright. Wish I had room to have a small space for me.

  2. Oh that looks very lovely and long till it looks like my room - a mess!

  3. Love the new look G. OMG that gradient yarn DOES look devine - must have some when they are available!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Your new crafty space looks so neat and tidy! I love how bright and cheery it is.

    That yarn is gorgeous! Thanks for the link, I have been looking for more longies yarn lately. :)

  5. Perfect! Just right to get busy with ;)

  6. I'm SOOOO jealous of your crafty space!! And Happy Birthday! xoxo

  7. I'm doing my best to keep it really tidy, Gilly. I've even been tidying up any mess every evening from the rampaging kids

  8. Oh wow, that yarn is making me want to knit longies again. Its been a while since I had that desire ;)


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