Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sewing with baby ~ problem solved

When Toby was a smaller bubba I had a lot of problems with actually getting around to sewing. As soon as I sat down to sew, he wanted up on me and lacked the discipline to not attack the sewing machine or want to feed or play.  If I put him on my back he'd pull my hair. And I found that when he was asleep, I wanted to spend some one on one time with Lily.

So a few days ago I actually cracked out the machines for the first time this year *gasp*  And I tried it with Toby sitting on my lap. He LOVED it!!! And was surprisingly very good, he didn't try and put his finger under the needle, he didn't jump all over me. He actually sat quietly and watched, his little legs pumping with excitement when the machine would start up.  I let him press the button to reverse and cut the thread and he thought that was pretty awesome.  It was so much fun, although I must admit I palmed him off to Andy while I did any top stitching.

So what did we sew?  No pics today, I've been bed-ridden since this with a very nasty case of mastitis.  *bleugh* I never knew how bad it could be, and how fricking painful!!  I never quite got that you could get cold-flu symptoms with mastitis as I'd only ever had it mildly.  Waking up yesterday morning vomiting, shaking and feeling shit in general certainly changed that.  It was also amazing how quickly it struck, literally overnight!!  Anyhoo, antibiotics are kicking in now, and I'm on the mend.. hooray!!

Some pics tomorrow of our sewing efforts, a little something for my big kinder girl.  *sob sob*


  1. Go the big kinder girl! Lily will love it - just wait and see. It teaches them so much about how to handle other personalities. INterestingly when Jenna was 3/4 she was very much into the boys, and now she is 4/5 she only wants to play make believe with the girls. Very funny.
    And ouch on the mastitis!!! I had a mild dose with Jenna once, and it was awful All foggy and swoony and pathetic.
    Anyway - glad to hear you are on the other side.

  2. big hugs tikki! I had 3 really vicious cases of mastitis with Lily - by the second one, I went straight to the docs for some antibiotics as soon as I felt it coming on. It truly sucks, I agree.

  3. Mastitis is awful - I don't think I have ever felt sicker, hope you are on the mend soon.

    My little one loves to sit on my lap at the machine too.

  4. Hope you are on the mend with the meds kicking in by now ;-)
    Your little man looks totally engrossed by the sewing too - possibly tapping into future potential?

  5. Super impressed go Toby!! Bleurgh on the mastitis, glad to hear you're getting better. Yay for Lily starting Kindy, I hope she has a ball.

  6. That is so cute that you were sewing with him. :)

    I hope that your mastitis goes away soon, it sounds super painful!

  7. Mastitis...NOOOOOO! I hate that S.O.B! Poor you :( I totally love that you can sew with Toby on your lap ~ Brilliant!


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