Tuesday, December 09, 2008

blog blitz

time for a little blog blitz to catch up on some stuff I haven't posted about, some crafting goodness, some customs, pattern updates, a new pattern. a giveaway and of course some cute baby and kiddy photos to come.

Firstly, Toby's woolly stash knitted over the course of my pregnancy. I haven't posted pics of these until now because, well, it sort of would have been pretty obvious what gender our bub is and it was meant to be a secret... meant to be, although I did overhear Lily saying to my mum one day, "Gran, our little baby is going to be a boy." 

TOP: All Perfection Pants longies in Baabum aran BFL, Monster Knits DK BFL 'Electric' and Woolly Butts SSS Merino
MIDDLE: 2 Spare Ribs shoakers, (Rav link only) the first with a Curly Purly waistband in the yarn cafe aran BFL 'Earth Rainbow' and the second in WOOLganics 8 ply merino custom dyed by Monster Knits 'Happy'; and 2 Mini Wonder Soakers,  in Treliske 8ply organic merino dyed by Lily and I and in WOOLganics 8 ply Monster knits 'Happy' and WOOLganics 'Raindrops'
BOTTOM: Ladybug Loops shorties in Utiku multicolour 8ply 'Ocean' 

the little man modeling his wares
and his next pair will be coming from this; the scrumptious December installment of the yarncollective soaker club from Monsterknits, yum!!!   Do you get the idea that I like Monster knits yarns?  LOL


  1. awesome knits tik! How lucky is that little man of yours. I don't reckon your stash gives the secret away though tik. It's not overly blue. For me the give away was when you snatched up those little boy shoes I was offering Lana lol. i was on to you after that

    Good to see he fits the skooter top too. Bet he won't be in it long

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  3. Wow! What fantastic knits for a very cute little boy. Can't wait for some cuddles!

  4. My goodness he is just so little and perfect!! I love the knits :)


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