Sunday, December 14, 2008

all for a good cause

A couple of pieces donated for auctions.

Firstly, these size 3 wide leg pants are being auctioned over here to raise funds for Jess. You may have seen Jess's story on A Current Affair last week. If not, read her story on the Wear it Baby mall. Some very lovely ladies have got together to organise some auctions and donations have come from a wide variety of WAHMs donating some awesome offerings.  Give it your support!

A fair few months ago Megsie and I auctioned a surprise set to raise money for the Chibobo appeal. I realised as I was looking through my photos that I hadn't posted pics of the finished set, very remise of me, particularly as Megsie hasn't seen the finished outfit.

So here it is. One very cute outfit for a train loving boy. 

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