Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is my favourite cup

I'm joining in on Three Buttons meme game (I would link to the blog but I seem to have lost the toolbar on blogger, what's with that? And when will it come back? ooh, website.. http://threebuttons.blogspot.com... too lazy at the mom to figure html for link) and even though a new "this is" starts tomorrow, I still have to blog about my favourite cup.

I don't drink out of my favourite cup every day, I don't even use it weekly, but it is still my favourite. It was my grandmother's, it's a gorgeous Royal Albert bone china tea cup with pink shadings and plenty of gilding. It comes with a little cake plate too, I loike that. I have a set of four, all with different pastel shades but the pink is my favourite.

Occasionally I'll enjoy a cup of English Breakfast in it, made in her Denby pot, not the same delicacy as the tea cup but a great tea pot just the same!


  1. these are lovely tea cups too. thanks for the comment on 'i op therefore i am'. are you interested in joining? just let me know.
    regards, amelia

  2. Oh my so very very beautiful!xoxo

  3. What a beautiful special cup indeed!

  4. how delicate and delilghtful, thanks for sharing


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