Sunday, January 20, 2008

summer break just about over

well, it's a sunday afternoon our visitors have left for their big drive back to Adelaide, Lily is sleeping and Andy is in his shed, and I'm just contemplating the last day of my summer break ~ "what job are you on holiday from?" Andy smartypants asked me, "from being a housewife" I told *raspberry to him* He is sooo lucky with his 11/12 weeks holidays a year, he forgets that when you're a mum and housekeeper you don't really get a break from the job you do everyday. enough of that ...

so it's my last day of holidays, I'm relaxing and enjoying some knitting. Something that I really haven't had the chance to do on our break, despite the fact that we were camping, which is usually prime knitting time. It has just been so CRAZILY busy with the wedding preps, wedding and Christmas.

I have loads to do this week, getting back into sewing mode, catching up on emails, and not to mention all the washing I still have to wade through from the camping trip.

Just before Christmas my laptop overindulged in a little bit of the liquid amber. This was not good. He didn't recover and needs to visit the laptop doctor when DH goes back to work. The biggest problem is all the photos on there and my emails. I've managed to access my emails but can't access any emails I received prior to the laptop going kaput, and there were heaps of photos on there that people had sent me for the gallery. I have to see if I can get them back, I'd rather do that than have to ask everyone to resend their photos. But until then, I'll have to put the prize package on hold, as I'd hate to miss any entries. Very frustrating though!!!

Despite the business we have had a good break, and I have heaps of posts and photos to share, funnily enough none from our camping time in Port Fairy. Either we were just too busy or too relaxed to take photos!! Maybe Megsie will have some. You know the only photo I have of the girls in their flowergirl dresses is one a lovely lady sent me. Shall upload it later, v. cute!!!

Oh, and just to finish off... here's Megsie enviously eyeing off my new sewing machine (hehehe)

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